New Creation – Chapter 30A

Episode of action story



“How far, una don reach there”

“Yes baba, we don reach” One of Kong’s boys replied at the other end of the line.

“Una see anybody there” Kong asked again.

“We don sight their car but we never see anybody, I will call you back, we want to take a closer look at the car”

The call was terminated and Kong paced around the room, he couldn’t wait for all of these to be over already. He was still moving around haphazardly when his phone started ringing.

“How far” Kong said into the phone with a lot of uneasiness.

“It’s empty, Kargo’s dead body is right here. We have been tricked” the guy replied

“You people should retreat back here Asap” Kong ordered.

“Errrmm I don’t think that will be possible, the cops are here, it’s an ambush…” The guy managed to reply before Kong started hearing sounds of gunshots on the other end of the line.

“Shiiiiit” Kong cussed as he quickly ran out of the room and entered into the living room where the rest of the boys were.

“You all should arm yourselves right now, I am sure that Slimmy and Oj are headed in this direction right this minute” Oj said as he started loading bullets into his own gun himself.


A group of five men were seen in a very beautiful mansion, they all sat on a round table. While some were smoking hemps and cigarette, some were just drinking alcoholic wines and whiskeys. The setting of the house was themed with green, everything was green except for the ceiling which was white, they all continued with whatever they were doing until one of them stood up.

“I swear pon Jah rastafaria me gon make that guy pay him dues with him blaad” Ace weaving his dreadlocks around, that was how he exhibits his anger whenever his anger was at it’s peak.

“Ace calm down first” Emperor, also a regional leader and one of the guys sitting on the roundtable cautioned Ace.

“Whatcu mean calm down home boy, watchu mean calm down, watta guan” Ace replied angrily.

“My friend calm your nerves and sit your fu***ng azz down there” Emperor shouted back at him.

Ace immediately brought out his revolver and pointed it at Emperor. Emperor stood up and moved closer to Ace placing the gun on his own head.

“Shoot me coward, shoot me” Emperor dared.

“Even after five years that both of you had graduated from university, you both still see each other as rivals” Cent cuts in as he stepped in between both of them and Separated them.

“No mind them jaare, make them they fight like cat and dog every time we get meeting” Ghost joked as he stood up and walked to the fridge to Bring out another bottle of wine.

“Guys can we proceed with the meeting now” Lexi beckoned on them.

Ace, Emperor, Ghost, Cent and Lexi are the five regional leaders of the Arch angels, they controlled the major affairs of the fraternity while Lexi acts as the leader of the five, the staff of leadership was always been rotated among the five of them. Host was supposed to be the next capon to join the regional leaders but unfortunately he couldn’t live long enough, Slimmy has also been considered to have the attributes needed to be a regional leader but Ace who has always seen Slimmy as the younger version of Emperor had opposed the notion right from the start, Emperor who has grown to like Slimmy so much because he reminded him of his dealings when he was also a capon, a co-capon actually.

Emperor and Ace used to be best friends when they both were freshers in the university but their friendship faded away in the quest for power, Ace saw Emperor as a major threat to him being the Capon while Emperor hated Ace due to his thirst for blood and his trigger happy life style, Ace was always ready to kill anyone and anything blocking his part, rumours had it that he killed his parents by himself just to prove to people how heartless he is. Despite all his ruggedity and crazy lifestyle, there was only one person that was never and will never be afraid of him, Emperor. After long fights about who was going to be made Capon between the two of them, a compromise was reached that both of them should be made Co-capons..

“Strong men, what do we say we do about this Slimmy’s issue” Lexi asked.

“I’ll say we give him more time, say like a week at least” Emperor said.

“And if at the end of next week, he still refuse to pay his dues and still relates with enemy gang” Ghost asked as he puffed some smoke into the air.

“Then we cut his wings, strip him of being an angel and kill him” Cent replied with all seriousness.

“Sounds fair” Lexi replied.

“When the time comes to kill him, I will like to lead that attack” Ace said as he stared straight into Emperor’s eyes.

“Granted” Lexi replied Ace.


Kong alongside some boys barged into the room where Halimat and Hadijat were being held, they loosed the ropes that was used in tying them and they marched them forward to the living room. Everyone in the living room were armed to the teeth except for Halimat and Hadijat who were made to sit on the two sitter couch, they had no idea what was happening but they knew whatever was about to go down is not favourable to the boys in the room as they all had unhappy looks on their faces.

“Do not let them out of sight until you get a go ahead from me and if in any case you think I have been taken down, Killed them both” Kong paused and stared into Hadijat’s frightened face and smiled “Kill this one first” he ordered as he kept on stroking Hadijat’s hair with his gun.

They all went outside immediately leaving only one of the boys with Halimat and Hadijat that has been tied together again. No sooner than they all stepped outside they saw Slimmy and Oj’s car approaching.

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