New Creation – Chapter 30B

Episode of action story



Slimmy suddenly pulled over few metres close to the supposed place. The car coming behind them pulled over too. He brought out his revolver and started to put in bullets.

“This is number 39, the house is supposed to be 57.” Oj said to him.

“I know, you all should take out your guns and prepare to defend any attack.”

“But why? Why don’t we go closer a little bit?” Oj questioned, nevertheless bringing out the gun at Slimmy’s order. He hated the way Slimmy acted like the boss in charge of the rescue operation, forgetting that there were supposed to be two masters in it. He believed that Slimmy should have asked him before taking the decision to pull over at a far distance to the place, contrary to their initial plan.

For Slimmy, he was only being cautious. He had been in the Arch Angels with Kong and even presided over the betrayal as his capon for few weeks, so he knew an Arch Angel’s strategy when he sees one. He needed no one to tell him where Kong and his men were again when he saw some boys walking out from a compound straight to an opposite store and taking side glances at their direction. He knew Kong had gotten news and was expecting them, he knew they were being waited for at the gate of the house. But he couldn’t mention what he saw to Oj or tell him about the tactics Kong had put to play, it would mean revealing a secret to one’s potential future enemy.

“We can’t go closer anymore, they’ve seen us and they are waiting for us at the entrance already.” Slimmy explained then he opened the door, he placed a leg outside the car first before turning back to take a cap. He fixed it on his head and turned to Oj whose eyes were squinted, staring at the front to see what Slimmy had seen which made him state that they had been seen.

“I can’t see anyone,” Oj retorted.

Slimmy chuckled, he didn’t know how to tell Oj that the Arch Angels never called a number as it was, they always added ten to it if was in tens and one hundred to it if the number was in hundreds. For example, if an Arch Angel member was to call No. 70 for another member, he called it 80 and if he was to call 450, he called it 550. So when Kong had called No. 57 to the mole, he must have meant 47.

“You no see those guys wey carry drink dance waka for there now?” Slimmy asked, pointing some metres before them.

“Those two drunk guys wey waka pass, throw bottle for ground?” Oj questioned.

“Yes,” Slimmy affirmed.

“So them no be street guys?” Oj asked, kind of rhetorically because he didn’t wait for a reply before opening the door to his side also.

“You stay with here with the doors opened while I go a little bit forward with some of the boys,” Slimmy said to Oj, stopping him from stepping outside. “I’ll signal to you either to come forward or to retreat and if you get any signal from Rough and Small, you’ll have to make signals to me, you can push the horn.”

Oj stopped and looked around their environment first, their car was parked in a space in front of a government secondary school gate, an open football field was beside the school while opposite it was a nylon company with a huge gate and very long walls.

“No,” Oj refused, “I’ll go while you stay behind and wait for the signal from Rough and Small.”

Slimmy stared silently, surprised at the manner at which Oj refused, he thought they were supposed to be thinking like a team. “Okay, you can go. I’ll push the horn once if I want you to retreat and I’ll push it twice if I get signals from Rough before coming to join you.” Slimmy finally agreed and placed back his leg into the car while Oj stepped out after signaling to one of the Tigers who was in the car with them.


“Rough, can you see anything yet?” Small asked in low tones, joining Rough where she was seated on a long wooden bench, her head and part of her face covered with a cap. It was in front of a small kiosk where soft drinks and snacks were sold. Rough had to buy a bottle of Coke and use the opportunity to sit on front of the kiosk.

Rough turned back quickly to look at him and make sure that he wasn’t going to spoil their plans. She turned back after being satisfied that he was dressed in a way no one could identify him if he was spotted from afar.

“Yes, I’ve seen my capon’s car and some boys coming out of the house.” She replied him in low tones too, careful not to allow the woman inside the kiosk hear the conversation.

“Some boys, out of which house? Isn’t this house 57?” Small asked turning to point to a large bungalow not too far behind. He had been surprised when part of the plan was wait somewhere after driving past 57 and not to wait before 57. He and his boss had initially argued but Slimmy had convinced them, saying they needed to stay in between or the after the house. Both of them reluctantly agreed not knowing that the Arch Angels had it in mind that Kong could have been speaking to the mole in the Arch Angels’ top secret language.

Rough gulped down some liquid from the bottle of Coke and passed the remaining to Small, wanting to distract him a little while she thought of how to explain to him that she wasn’t monitoring house 57 but 47.

‘Which time did you see the boys, I didn’t see any?” Small asked again, after swallowing some liquid from the bottle of Coke.

“I think I made an error while listening to the guy, he must have mentioned 47 not 57.” Rough replied.

“Okay,” Small took a pause to look in direction of house 47, then he saw two boys hiding behind a wall opposite the house, taking out some weapons from the floor. He also saw someone occasionally opening the gate and peeping outside, then he agreed that it must have really been 47 and not 57.

“That’s Oj coming,” Rough stated as she spotted Oj.

“My boss,” Small corrected. “Baba.”

“Okay that’s Baba coming,” Rough applied the correction. “Let’s go get the boys while I alert capon that we are ready. Remember the plan is that while they focus on My Capon and your Baba who’s attacking them from the front, we’ll take them unaware from behind.”