New Creation – Chapter 31A

Episode of action story


Rough quickly ran to the back of the kiosk and went to where to the rest of the team she is leading was.
“Guys are we ready to rumble” Rofiat asked as she walked into their midst, they all brought out their guns and started loading it while Rofiat brought out his phone and dialled Slimmy’s number.

“Hello Capon, back up is ready when needed” Rofiat said.
“Cool, just be on standby, remember the signal I will give when you are needed” Slimmy replied
“Yes bossman” Rofiat terminated the call and began loading her gun too.
“What the F is happening out there” Kong asked the guys forming drunk as he opened the gate a little.
“Baba their car just park for that place, e be like say one of dem don drop sef, na only one dey inside car” one of them replied.
“Ohhhh Slimmy, you want to play chess now right, cool let’s game” Kong walked away from the gate and faced his boys “You, you and You, go and join those two guys outside and attack them head on” Kong ordered and walked back to the gate “Guys are you loaded” He asked the two guys sitting outside the gate.
“Loaded to the brim baba” They both chorused.
“Good, three guys are going to join you outside now, just take them on, shoot any object in sight” Kong ordered as the three guys charged outside covering for the two guys sitting to stand up and getting into position. Immediately the two guys stood up, they ran to the other side of the road hiding behind the store opposite the house.

Slimmy who had been patiently observing saw the movement of the guys but still decided to not send the signal to Oj because he knew Kong was setting a counter trap for them, he had really underrated Kong’s tactical skills, he used to think Nazaretha was a better tactician but Kong has just proved that he supercedes Nazaretha.
“Kong are these your Pawns, how about you send me some Knights or Rooks” Slimmy said to himself jokingly as he held a pistol to his right hand which is his stronger arm and holding the car’s steering with his left.
“Come to daddy” Slimmy said as he saw one of the boys approaching him with a gun in his hand “A little bit further boy, come boy” Slimmy said as he stepped on the accelerator and the car charged forward towards the guy approaching, the guy started shooting at Slimmy’s car but before couldn’t aim well at Slimmy who drove very fast and hit him to the ground with the car, immediately the guy fell to the ground, the other four guys rushed out and started shooting at Slimmy “Now the game is on boys” Slimmy said to himself as he made a 360 you turn with his car and drove towards the place he was before, the guys kept on following Slimmy who drove slow in order to make sure that the guys keeps on following, as soon as he got closer to where Oj and the boys were, He honked twice and Oj alongside four boys stepped out from a corner and started shooting at the four boys following Slimmy’s car. The four guys wanted to retreat but it was too late as Oj and the guys had laid a perfect ambush for them, within split seconds four of them were down but they didn’t go down without taking two of Oj’s boys along leaving him with two boys. Slimmy was about to drop from the car when he saw Oj and the guys Charging towards Kong’s house.
“Sh!t” Slimmy cussed angrily seeing that Oj had gone against the plan, he stepped on the accelerator again and made for the next street. He decided to take the next street in order to alert Rofiat and her team of the new development, he got to where they were in to time and ordered them to enter into the car. They all did and Slimmy drove to Kong’s place taking the opposite direction. As soon as he got close to the house, he saw Kong’s boys outside exchanging fire with Oj and the team. They all got down and attacked from the rear while Oj and two other guys who were the only ones left in Oj’s team attacked from the front, some of Kong’s boys retreated back into the building while the rest fell down to the bullets.
Kong was infuriated as he saw that the odds were now against them, he thought of a new plan to use in check mating them, he rushed inside the house brought out and brought Halimat while the guy they left inside brought out Hadijat. They loosed the ropes in their hands as Kong contemplate on which one of them he should use as a distraction, If he uses Hadijat, Slimmy and Rofiat will be distracted and that’s not favourable enough because they are on the same side of the road, he needed to distract one person each at the oppositse sides of the gate, he then decided to use Halimat who will successfully distract Oj and Rough.
“Checkmate time” he said to himself and started laughing as he dragged Halimat to the gate, when he got to the gate, he ordered two boys to join him at the gate “As soon as I open this gate, shoot anything you see” He ordered.
“Hey cutie, want to survive? Then run outside at the count of five” Kong  said, Halimat was looking at Hadijat as they were both crying profusely.
“1, 2, 3, 4 ” Kong counted and opened the gate at the count of five, Halimat stormed out while Kong and the two guys be instructed shot randomly at Oj’s team, the other two guys dropped dead immediately leaving only Oj only.

“Sh!t” Slimmy and Oj cussed simultaneously, Slimmy instructed Rough to escort Halimat to the car, she quickly did.
“Just stay down like that, do not raise your head no matter what happens, I repeat do not raise your head” Rofiat ordered and was returning back to the front Oj’s compound when She started hearing noise of Power bikes, Before she could turn around, the bikers were already close by, five bikers all together, the guys that were ambushed police at Rushi, they had conquered the police in the gun battle. As soon as Rofiat saw them, she started shooting randomly at them and two of them got hit by her bullet, she continued shooting randomly but was hit by a bullet from one of the bike men, Rofiat went down has the bullet hit her.
Everything happened so fast, Slimmy saw Rofiat dropped and his rage multiplied, he charged towards the bike men shooting vigorously and screaming Rough’s name, the rest of the guys charged towards the bike men with him. Kong peeped from the gate and saw that it was his boys attacking, he also ordered the rest of his boys to charged towards Slimmy and Oj’s boys too leaving only him and Hadijat in the compound.