New Creation – Chapter 31B

Episode of action story

New Creation – Chapter 31


Slimmy kept on shooting, making sure he hid himself behind the barriers of the closed shops to dodge bullets. He kept an eye on Rough who had been able to drag herself behind the car where she kept Halimat. He began to move closer to where Rough was , wanting to check where the bullet had hit her and if she needed immediate help.


“Come here,” Kong dragged Halimat into the building with him, placing a gun on her neck and holding her hair.

She tried to resist as they got to the stairs of the balcony, struggling to free herself and fighting him with her elbow. Kong got infuriated and dished out a thunderous slap to her face which sent her to ground below. He stepped down and pulled her up by her blouse, he dragged her up and pulled her inside. In anger, he was kicking open all the doors and dragging her, now she was on the floor but he was still pulling her by her hands, mercilessly and deaf to her cries. He succeeding in dragging her into the room in which she and Halimat were kept previously. He pulled her to the middle and went back to close the door. Hadijat was screaming and shouting for help but there was no one forth coming.

After locking the door, Kong walked back to where he dropped her and pulled her up. He brought closer the chair on which she was previously tied to, he lifted her up and made her to sit forcefully, landing blows on her face at every attempt she tried to resist. He was furious with everyone, furious with himself, his plans were not working out well. Even though his boys were still much more than the opposition, he was sure that they had no wisdom to outsmart or resist Slimmy for long. He couldn’t allow Slimmy win him again like their earlier days when they had been given tasks and Slimmy had excelled better. He had to win this, once and for all.

He stared at Hadijat’s face again and placed his index finger below her chin to raise up her head and make her look into his eyes. Her face had been battered and bruised, a result of his blows and slaps. Her eyes were pleading for mercy and freedom but he was unmoved. He stepped back and stared blankly at the wall, still keeping an eye on her. He began to think of what to do in case Slimmy overcame the boys outside. An idea came into his mind. He glanced at her face again and gave a wicked smile after which he stepped back and began to search for ropes which were used to tie both Hadijat and Halimat before. He walked back to Hadijat and began to tie her legs together with the rope. After tightening it around her legs, he extended it to her hands; the rope was long enough to tie up the whole of her body. He fastened the ropes and her hand and there was still left a longer part which he could use to pull her outside.

His intention was to place a call to Terror’sc assistant and offer him another huge sum of money for more boys urgently. Then he was going to drag Hadijat like a goat, outside the house and wait in the compound for Slimmy and Rough to enter, he was sure that both of them would not like the scene. Then he would threaten to kill her if they made any attempt on him, he was sure they’ll dare not and would even stop Oj from attempting, that was if Oj remained. Then he would waste time making a fruitless negotiation with them, he expected that Terror’s boys would have arrived by then. He would escape with Hadijat as an hostage and command the boys to war with Slimmy and the rest.


“Dear Lord, we pray for peace in our school. We pray for the souls of all those who are involved in these vices; that their lives may be turned around for good and that they’ll come to know the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and they’ll accept it and surrender their lives to you, in Jesus name.” Roy prayed, kneeling before the altar with his two hands clasped together and placed on his nose.

“‘Amen,” a tiny voice sounded from behind him.

Roy made a sign of the cross before getting up and turning back to see the person who had joined him in the prayer. It was Angela, she was smiling broadly at him, her Bible held with her two hands.

“Sister Angela!” He exclaimed on seeing her. He had not laid his eyes on her since when they had parted ways and he was taken to the missions house.

“Brother Roy, I got the testimony of your salvation,” she said all smiles. “Congratulations and welcome to the family of God,” she extended him a handshake.

“Thank you,” he said, smiling back as he received her warm handshake.

“You’re welcome,” she exhaled and began to take a leisure stroll towards the choir stand. He followed by her side and they counted their slow steps in silence, just enjoying the cool breeze entering from the church windows.

“So what did you come to do in church this morning?” Roy broke the silence.

“Well, I just finished praying and studying at home and had nothing else to do, so I came to check if there was any work I could help with in church.” She replied.

Roy stared at her in silence and disbelief, “you’ve not gone home yet? A lot of members don’t come church anymore except for those who stays in the missions house and those whose parents’ houses are very close to school.”

“Yes, but I can’t go home yet,” Angela said in a stressed tone. “You know I’m in a key leader in church and in the choir.”

“‘Hmm… You guys are trying o,” Roy commented.

There was silence between them again. They had gotten to the choir stand and Roy had gone to sit behind the drums set although he had no idea on how to hold the drums sticks.

Angela laughed as he turned the sticks upside down, trying to figure out where to place his grip. “Don’t tell me you never watched anyone play the drums.” She said jestingly.

“‘Ermm… I never came close to the choir seats or choir stands. My parents weren’t really church people, so as a child I only attended when there was a party coming up in a friend’s church, the jollof rice was always very tasty.” He replied back jokingly. “But I’ve seen drummers on TV.”

She chuckled, “now do you want to learn how to play the drums?” She asked approaching the drum set.

“Yes,” he replied and got up from the drums seat. He gave way for her to sit and handed over the sticks to her. To his surprise, she began to make the beats just like a professional. He stared at her with his mouth wide open, he had never seen a lady playing the drums so well before.

… to be continued.