New creation episode 1 b


I feel so ashamed of myself right now, I shouldn’t have just slapped him like that, I really do regret it” Hadijat complained to her cousin for the umpteenth time.  She didn’t get a reply from her just like before, Hadijat’s anger fuelled up this time around and then she decided to switch off the tv in order to get her attention.

“And you had to switch off the Tv just when they were about to kill Jon Snow” Halimat spoke out at last.

“I am talking to you about something serious and you are talking thrash about a stupid movie” Hadijat snapped at her.

“Call my movie a stupid one again and watch as I sleep off right this minute” Halimat snapped back.

“Okay okay am sorry” Hadijat pleaded.

“Now tell me what is wrong with your father’s father” Halimat asked jokingly but still kept a straight face.

“I slapped some dude today on campus” Hadijat replied her softly with a tone filled with regrets.

Halimat laughed for a while before replying her.

“But that’s not the first and am sure it won’t be the last time you will be slapping a guy” she joked.

“It’s a different case now, I have never regretted slapping a dude” Hadijat

“How is it different then” Halimat replied after switching the Tv on.

“Maybe because they look cute or because they didn’t try to fight back” Hadijat.

“They? I thought you said you slapped just one guy, why are you using they?” Halimat.

“I slapped one but it was two of them, I think they are brothers because they kinda look alike” She explained

“Brothers? They look alike? Describe them please” Halimat asked with a lot of interest this time around.

“Yeah, they might even be a set twin I guess” she replied

“A set of Twin ? I just hope you are not referring to Slimmy and Gentle” Halimat asked almost shouting

“I think I heard one of them call the name Slimmy” Hadijat.

“Oh my God, you have brought trouble upon us” Halimat screamed.

“Why, who are they” Hadijat said shivering and trembling.

“Don’t ask questions, just pick few things you will be needing for the night, we are leaving this house right this minute” Halimat ordered.

Hadijat didn’t bother asking further questions, she knew her cousin is not one that will blow things out of proportion, if she says trouble is coming then surely trouble is coming. They went into their respective room to park few of their clothes and toiletries, they met back at the lounge and were about to switch off the lights when they heard a knock on the door, Hadijat immediately ran behind a couch in the room while Halimat ran towards the kitchen, grabbed a table knife and then approached the door.

“Who is there” Halimat asked

“And why did it take you so long to come get the door” the voice replied from outside.

Halimat opened the door immediately after hearing the voice.

“Which one of you slapped Gentle earlier today” Rough asked as she walked in not bothering to look towards where Halimat was standing.

“It was me” Hadijat replied as she crawled out of where she was hiding.

The two other girls couldn’t help but laugh their asses out.

“You’d better go and read every apology speech you can get hold of right now because you will be needing one tomorrow” Rough spoke out after trying so hard to stop herself from laughing.

“Who will I be apologising too”

“Who else? The guy you slapped now” Rough replied as she bounced towards her room in her tom boyish walking style.

“Rofiat does that mean we can sleep here peacefully tonight” Halimat screamed so as to make sure that Rough heard the question.

“Or else you guys have a party to attend” Rough replied.

“Can’t she just say a simple yes” Halimat murmured and hissed while Hadijat just smiled.

Even though Rofiat is a few years older than her, she still doesn’t want to admit that she should respect her, despite knowing how dangerous and deadly she is, Halimat still didn’t have a string of fear for her because she was sure that Rofiat or Rough as she popularly is known can never do a thing to hurt her little sister. Rofiat and Halimat are the only children of their parents while their cousin Hadijat is the only child of Senator Adamu, her mother died while giving birth to her and her Father is more concerned about his political ambition which explains why Hadijat is such a spoilt brat, She spent most of her years growing up at Halimat and Rofiat’s house in Kaduna. They had an awesome childhood together all three of them until when Rofiat first gained admission into the university and became really fierce, few years after Rofiat gained admission into the university, Halimat decided to attend the same university in order to see what really changed her sister, a year after that Hadijat also joined the both of them after a very long battle of trying for convince her dad who wanted her to go and school in the united states.


“Make una come inside” Kong said as he ushered Rofiat and Hadijat inside the Arch Angel’s mansion.

Rough walked in majestically while Hadijat just followed behind trembling at the faces she was seeing around, the house was filled with a lot of guys who were busy playing different types of games, some were seen smoking indian hemps, some were busy with their phones while some came to have a gist with Rofiat, Hadijat kept mute all through and kept her gaze fixed on the tv until Gentle walked in to join them in the sitting room.

“Rough da Rough, what’s up na” Gentle said as he greeted Rofiat in their traditional arch angel’s way.

“Am good brodaly, how you dey” Rofiat replied.

“I dey, So you know this woman” Gentle pointing towards Hadijat who was now standing on her feet.

“Am so sorry about yesterday, I really don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me for just this one time and I promise never to cross your path again” Hadijat recited one of the lines she read on Internet yesterday after Rofiat told her to check for apology speech, it’s really hilarious that she actually did surf the net for an apology speech.

“Apology not accepted” Said Slimmy as he walked into the sitting room clad in only a towel tied around his waist. Immediately he walked in, most of the guys hanging around in different corners of the large sitting room walked out one after the other.

Rofiat stood up immediately and kept her face to the ground knowing fully well that Slimmy doesn’t take it lightly when a lady stares into his face directly, Hadijat on the other hand couldn’t take her eyes off Slimmy’s abs.

“Don’t mind my brother, your apology is accepted” Gentle spoke after a long moment of silence.

“Rough” Slimmy called out.

“Yes boss” Rofiat replied.

“Who is she to you” He asked.

“My little cousin” she replied.

“Should I forgive her ?” Slimmy

“For my sake, please do boss” Rofiat.

“Rough da Rough” He said and smiled a for a while l “Okay I forgive her” he added.

“Thanks much boss, thanks so much Gentle” Rough said and signalled to Hadijat that they should start leaving.

“Leaving so soon?” Gentle asked.

“Yeah I have to drop her on campus for lectures very soon” Rofiat replied.

“Okay then, safe” Said Gentle to them as they walked out of the room.

“Kid bro, I think you like that little chick” Slimmy teased

“I have always told you I am your elder bro, I came out before you mennh” Gentle teased back.

“That’s because I sent you on an errand to see what the world looks like bro” Slimmy teased again but Gentle just walked away smiling knowing fully well that if they continued, he wasn’t going to ever win the argument about who is older between the both of them