New creation episode 6a

Episode of action story

Host drove as as fast as he could as soon as he got the message from Adesuwa, he didn’t even think twice before leaving the mansion, he couldn’t even tell Slimmy who is his right hand man, all he was thinking is how fast he could get to Adesuwa’s house to give her the inhaler she left in his car when they went out earlier that day, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t get there in time to save her from the asthma attack. He parked his car right in front of her compound and stormed through the gate, he was about to turn the knob of the door when he noticed something strange, the key was left hanging outside, he held himself from opening the door even when all he wanted to do was save his girlfriend, the moon of his life, the only lady he has ever loved ever since he was forced to kill his first love when he newly joined the arch angels, he could still remember the shock in her eyes when he stabbed her in the abdomen, he could still remember the look of betrayal, he could still remember her last words ‘Why Olanrewaju, why’ she kept on repeating till she lost all her strength and gave up the ghost.

He stood at the door trying to listen if he could hear some struggles or sounds from Adesuwa inside but there was nothing, on the contrary he thought to himself that it was a trap, there and then he started fixing the lines, Adesuwa has never at any point risked not having at least 3 to 4 extra inhalers in her room, Adesuwa has never texted him in abbreviations like the message was sent
“Ola my inhaler pls am dying pls brng it 2 my ause”

And to top it all, he remembered vividly that Adesuwa never call him Ola, it’s either she calls him Olanrewaju or Host. At that moment he made up his mind that it was all a trap that he had almost fallen into, he ran back into his car and drove off but a voice inside of him kept repeating those delicate words

‘Why Olanrewaju, why ‘

*** Few hours back ******

“… Slimmy, Woooow!” He stopped as he heard an excited scream from the car by his side. He turned back to look.

A young girl had just come out of the car, smiling as she stared into her phone with full attention. She quickly typed in some words into the phone before locking the car door. She looked into the phone briefly again before picking out a black sunglasses and fixing it on her face. Her gaze met with Ojo’s as she glanced up.

“Hi,” he said to her, with a smile.

“Hi’ she replied back less enthusiastically.

“Surely you don’t remember me do you? ” he was now out of his car and stranding in front of her

“Nope, should I”

“My name is Ojo, I met with you and your cousin Halimat the other day at the cafeteria “

“Oooh it’s you, am so sorry for being rude hey”

“It’s no problem, pardon me but I can’t seem to remember that sweet name of yours”


“I promise I won’t forget that anymore”

“So what’s up with you and my cousin”

“Your cousin is the best actress that can star in a movie titled hard to get” he joked and they both laugh really hard.

“You seem like a nice guy, I might put in a good word for you ” she replied still smiling.

“I will really appreciate it”

“I gotta run now, I have a class to attend”

“Okay dear, please don’t forget to put in a good word for me”

“Okay lover boy” she replied as she walked away and he drove off, she then took out her phone again to check if she really saved the image before being distracted by Ojo, the image was right there in her gallery, a picture of Slimmy that she just saw on Gentle’s profile picture, a picture of a shirtless Slimmy laughing hysterically, it was really a sight to behold, the picture made her melt inside, she didn’t even realise when she screamed out his name moments ago when she was the picture.


“Are you sure you don’t want to come inside and get a little massage from momma” Adesuwa asked Host teasingly

“Ohh sounds tempting but have got some things to fix” Host replied and Adesuwa dropped from the car, watched Host zoom off before entering her gate, she just finished turning the key and about to turn the knob when she felt a cold metal at her head.

‘Just open the door and go inside slowly’ a male voice commanded from behind and she obliged, she went into the house and four guys came inside with her.

‘we are not here for you, just do as we say and you will scale through all of these unscathed’ the commanding voice spoke again ‘bring out your phone and unlock it’ she did as she was told, the guy with the commanding tone typed somethings on the phone and dropped it on the sofa afterwards, he instructed the other guys to place a tape on Adesuwa’s mouth

‘Just to be sure, you didn’t remember to pick your inhaler from Host’s car, did you ?” The guy with the commanding tone asked her and Adesuwa shook her head with a look of shock all over her face.

“Wondering how we got to know that yeah? One of my boys just checked his car to confirm that and do you even know where he is right now?” he asked her again while she just kept quiet and stared at him inquisitively ‘He is stuck in traffic, one of my boys just drove a motorcycle past him and he made sure to scan for the inhaler that was laying on the driver’s side, I bet you were expecting me to say he is with another girl” the guy said laughing really hard, looked like he was enjoying himself.

* * Present time * *

They all sat down patiently awaiting Host’s arrival. After some minutes they heard a car parking outside the compound, one of them immediately rushed towards the curtains to check who was approaching from the gate ‘It’s him’ he announced, they all took brought out their nine millimetres and pointed it to the door, they were all ready to shoot him as soon as he opened the door but for some reasons he didn’t, he just stayed outside for a moment ,then turned back and rushed away.

‘Seems like your boyfriend don’t really care if you die from an asthma attack’ the guy with the commanding tone spoke, in a much angrier tone this time. “Check what he’s doing,” he ordered one of the boys with a head gesture.
The guy quickly peeped through the window and checked. “He’s driving out o,” he returned saying to the one who seemed to be the leader of the attack.
The guy took in a breath, his face clearly displayed his anger and disgust as he confirmed with the sound of the car driving away. Kill Host, that was the plan. But they wouldn’t leave without doing anything if Host refuses to present himself. He paced around angrily for a few minutes, staring at Adesuwa who was vibrating and visibly terrified.
He glanced at his wristwatch, they had waited about six minutes for Host and he wasn’t returning. He stopped pacing around and began to think. It would be dangerous to linger any longer. Host may just have another plan for them, remembering that Host was more conversant with the area than he and his men. He raised up his gun and cocked it. He pointed it straight to the middle of Adesuwa’s forehead