SUPER NANNY🍁🌴 (can i love you?) Season 1 complete

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(can i love you?)


Ji soo is cold…
He’s rich…
He’s handsome…
He has a daughter!!!!
At the age of 26?!!

Well he fell in love with a player and got dumped with a baby girl to father….

Now he needs a baby sitter for his 4 year old baby and thats where soo ji comes in….

Soo ji needs Money
She loves money
She takes the job offer and encounters more than she can chew….

Will she be able to break this hard young man??_
Will she teach him how to love?..

‘will you take the job or not’…i said..

she smirked..
There was brocoli on her teeth….

What Kind of a human is she??

Watch out for this epic tale….


(can I love you?)

❤❤Chapter one❤❤

Soo ji’s POV

“brinnnnnnng??!?!!!!!!!!!!!”.the phone blasted into my ears….


Why now…
I need to sleep…

📲:good morning….can you baby sit my daughter today….I’ll pay you 1000 won…..


I love money and 1000 won could take me to the salon…..

📲:ok fine i will….

Ji soo’s POV

‘daddy i want ice cream now!!!!!’..she cried out….

Oh no i have to get to work….

Why is she bothering me now?!!

‘ok baby I’ll buy you ice cream after you go to playschool….daddy has to make money’…i kissed her and took her to school…

She’s the only source of joy in my life….

Soo ji’s POV

At the wIg pizza Palace…..

Two people came in…
A handsome man and a beautiful girl….

‘a medium sized pizza with chervios please’..he frowned..

His eyes were dead cold…

He took his order and fled…

Oh no!!???

He didn’t pay?!!!..

He’s a thief….

How to propose to the girl of your dream

Ji soo’s POV

My baby loves pizza so i had to get her one…

I have to get her a nanny…

‘theif!!!!!…Theif!!!’..someone shouted behind was that sexy pizza bitch..

Why is she causing a scene?..

Before i knew it she jumped on me and started slapping me on the face….

Gosh this is so embarrassing..

‘you idiot….i payed with my card!!!!!!’…i pushed her away…

She looked at me pointed blank…

How stupid of her

‘what kind of a dufus are you?!!!!…huh??!!….did you think that you can embarrass me and go Scot Free?!!!!’

Soo ji’s POV

Oh no I’m in trouble…

See where my love of money has brought….

The handsome dude paced around angrily releasing curses upon while the little girl ate her pizza…

he brought out an iPhone 11 and somewhat called the police…


‘hello officers….yes I’ve been harassed by a lunatic!!!’…

Why lord…

Why me…

i can’t go to jail….

I can’t be in jail again…

‘please sir forgive me’..i begged…

‘no’..he snorted….

i think i bruised his neck….

if i go to jail again I’ll loose my job…

‘please I’m begging you’…i cried…

‘no????!!!!!!…you stained my suit’….

how is he so handsome…..

his eyes are so cold…..

‘I’ll do anything sir’




Super nanny

(Can I love you??)

💖💖Chapter two💖💖

Ji soo’s POV


Maybe I could use her to my advantage

‘ok fine…I’ll withdraw the charge but you have to be my daughter’s nanny for a year….I’ll pay you’re..I told her…

‘daughter….. where’s your wife??,..’she asked…

I frowned…

‘its none of your business ..are you in or not??’…

‘fine..I’ll do it send your address to this number’.. she said slapping a note on my hands….

She left and hae soo (my daughter) ran over…

‘is she my new mommy?’..she asked…

I smiled ..

‘no baby she’s your nanny’…

I kissed her fore head and we left …

Soo ji’s POV


He’s so young and handsome too…

How could he be a dad at this age??

Well it’s none of my business as long as money is involved….

A text came in ..

(Your account had been credited with 50,000eon)



He’s rich

Thank you Lord…

50,000eon could last me…

It’s a fortune….

I could use this rich nigga….

I would spend his money

money is good

Ji soo’s POV

The next morning🍁




“When is she coming daddy?!!’hae soo cried out…

Just as expected…

Soo ji is late!!,





1 hour later…

She came in running like a horse and she fell

“I’m sorry I’m late!!’,
She’s so lousy….

“You better be….I won’t take this from you!!!’…

Hae soo hugged her

‘mommy!!!’..she screamed…

Oh God….

Why is soo ji cooing her now?!!…

“All the instructions will be sent to your phone later’,..I said and headed out the door…

”wait daddy!!!”,..she screamed

I turned..

‘no bye bye kiss for mommy?’..she cried…


Oh why now??

Now she won’t let me leave??,

“Later princess’..I said

“no now!!!?’..she burst into tears

What do I do??

What should he do too☺☺☺

All episode if super nanny


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