My glowring girlfriend


My GLOWING GIRLFRIEND 🌼 ♨️ PROLOGUE ♨️ 🌼 👑 👑 👑 MEET MEGAN Megan Reagan is a 17-year-old royal nerdy princess whose father died of cancer when she was 6. She was homeschooled throughout her life by her mother because of the weird power inherited from her mother, Queen Athena. Athena is a kind but […]

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SUPER NANNY❤ (can I love you??) ❤❤Chapter Twelve❤❤ (Quarter Finale )

Super nanny SOO JI’S POV❤ No it can’t be her… it shouldn’t be… ‘let’s take him to the hospital!!!’..I shouted when Ji soo slumped… the shock was just too much for him.. We took him to the hospital and after a while he was revived… . I was at his bedside when he spoke up: […]

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