The magician episodes 15 &16

Episodes of mystery stories

(Earth, Water, Fire, Air)

☀Episode 15 & 16☀

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️


Eunice’s pov:
“Hmmm, so how was the mission yesterday?” i asked Wilson with a devish smile.

“I’m sorry ma’am, the mission didn’t go out sucessful” He smirked as i starred at him in a confused look.

“What do you mean? You guys didn’t get the Talisman??” i asked in a confused tone.

“No ma, they escaped” he dropped the bombshell.

“What!!!” i yelled as i got off my seat.

“You must be joking, right?” i asked as i placed to and fro in the bush.

“I’m serious, they got away” he was about to complete his statement when i stretched out my hands as Wilson head his neck in pain.

“P…p…lease” he pleaded as he chocked and fell on the ground and died.

“Next time, never fail any of my mission” i gritted as i spat on his lifeless body on the ground then disappeared out of the environment.

Alex’s pov:
“No, we need to go to the school before seeking to speak to Raymond” i said as i tried to confront them.

“No way bro, We haven’t set our eyes on Raymond since we came out of the forest and you except us to just keep quiet” Sylvester muttered fiegning annoyance.

“You are the only one here that know that the way to speak to Raymond, we need to speak to him” Taylor insisted.

“But it’s almost time for the lecture and perhaps, we are already in school, they might see us” i insisted.

“They won’t they won’t, don’t you know that they will no longer call us S.T.A.R because Raymond isin’t around?

We need to confront him, and find a way to bring it back to our world” Taylor chipped in.

“You guys won’t understand” i muttered.

“Understand what? Huh? It’s fine, just admit it that you don’t like Raymond that’s why you don’t want to confront him.

It’s because you’re the only one that knows how to control magic, if not, i would have done it since” Sylvester fumed in annoyance.

“Ok, fine, fine, i’ll do it right away” i finally agreed as saw Taylor and Sylvester sighed in Satisfaction.

I Removed the Talisman from my bag then pointed it at the wall close to us.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Elements we are share, Raymond, we need to see you” i cast the icanation as Something like a television appeared on the wall revealing Raymond.

But something caught my attention, Raymond was sitting at the hospital bed.

“Hey, guys, Where are you? I’m so happy to see you guys” Raymond said excitedly.

“What are you doing in the hospital bed?

How did you come out from the forest?” Taylor asked excitedly.

“Guys, it’s a long story, so how are you guys doing?” Raymond beamed.

“Doing great. Where are you now??” i asked with keen interest along with excitment.

“Bro, i guess this place is an unknown world” he chipped in.

“What do you mean?” i asked.

“I Couldn’t believe i saw someone exactly like me, i saw someone here in this world. I saw the three of you here in this world. I confronted them but none of them recognised me.

Even my mum, she didn’t recognize me, no one recognize me in school.

Not even the teachers, nor the principal, all the people i knew dosen’t recognize me” Raymond explained as i sighed in fustration knowing what was happening.

“Like seriously?” Taylor said and chuckled.

“This is really really confusing” Sylvester mumbled under his breath.

“Please, i need explanation, i’m lost in this world” Raymond pleaded.

“I Know what’s the problem but too bad, i don’t know how you can return back” i said with all seriousness as they starred at me confusely.

☀Episode 16☀

“Are you kidding me??” Sylvester said with a chuckle.

“Please tell me more, i’m tired of confronting everyone” Raymond pleaded.

“Ok, the world you are right now is known as: UNKNOWN WORLD

From what i’ve read, it is a world whereby anybody that leaves here, leaves there, another dimension.

Only Magicians can go to that world” i explained.

“Hmm. So you mean, this is not the real world? Yes, when we die here, those there also die” i shrugged.

“This is really complicated,” Sylvester said.

“Do you have any way you can bring me back to my real world?” Raymond asked.

“No, but we can c…” i couldn’t complete my statement when i got interupted by a familiar voice.

“What are you guys doing there?” the principal half yelled at us.

“See you later, bye” i said as i dropped the Talisman in my pocket.

Mr. Viutton’s pov:
I Walked to the balcony of the school just to view the environment, when something caught my attention.

It was Alex, Sylvester and Taylor.

Alex was pointing something like a Talisman and it seems they were having conversation with someone.

“What are you guys doing there?” i asked as Alex quickly dropped the Talisman inside his pocked then, they ran to me.

“Goodday sir”

“What are you guys doing there” i asked facing Alex.

“Nothing sir” Alex replied politely.

“You expect me to believe that?” i asked.

“Yes sir” he assured.

“Let me see your pocket” i shuttered.

“Huh, why? There is nothing in my pocket” he shricked.

“And i insist that i wish to see what’s inside your pocket” i shrruged.

“Sir, i can’t” he muttered in a scared tone.

“Are you stupid?” i yelled at him and was about to cross check his pocket when sand from nowhere, blew and entered into my eyes.

“Argh!!! My eye!!! My eye!!!” i whimpered in pain as i tried to remove the sand from my eyes.

“Sorry sir” i heard Sylvester said.

After what seems like eternity, i was able to remove the sand on my eyes as i sighed in satisfaction.

“Now let me check your pocket” i insisted as i dug my hands in his pocket but nothing was there.

“What the??” i exclaimed.

“I Saw you dropped something in my pocket, how come it’s no longer there?” i muttered and in a confused look.

“Sir, hope you’ve seen it with your eyes that nothing is in my pocket? So can we leave??” Alex asked.

“Yeah you can” i replied as they ran off.

Taylor’s pov:
“Sylvester, that was awesome, i never expect you would distract the principal” he thanked and patted Sylvester’s back.

“What are friends for” Sylvester cooed while Alex shifted back out of fear looking to a particular place.

I Looked at the direction and saw someone that frightened me.

It was Eunice.

From her facial expression, it shows that she wasent’t here for play but for Trouble.

Only her devish pace can make a baby to start crying.

“Holly Molly!!!” i exclaimed out of shock.

“What are you doing here” Alex asked, bilwidered.
Hope i’ve been able to answer everyone’s question that Raymond is in another word⭕



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