THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 13 & 14☀

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Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Sylvester’s pov:
I Heard his hand tightly as he was trying to release his hands when i gave him a punch on his stomach as he groaned and staggered backwards while students started running.

I Shifted backwards as Bruno raised up his head and starred at me in a deadly tone.

“Noooo” he yelled and run towards my direction.

I Looked to my left and saw some bunch of water Taylor brought out.

Within a swift moment, i used my eyes to controlled it as the water moved from his location and went to the front of Bruno.

The fool ran to my direction as he stepped on the slippery ground, then Slipp and hit his head on the floor.

His eyes began to turn around buecause of the pain he felt in his head.

He ran to me, held me and was about to punch me, when he let out a loud cry.

“Arghh” he cried out as he tried to pull his shirt effortly because his shirt was burning in fire.

I Turned my eyes to Alex and saw that he was using the tips of his hand to control the fire, in a way nobody can notices.

Bruno ran outside, probably to where a water tap was located as i Walked up to Alex and Taylor.

“Let’s go guys” i commanded as we walked to our classroom and Discovered that Mrs. Walker was already teaching English.

“Question tag can..” she couldn’t complete her statment when we walked into the class and sat down on our chair.

Alex was sitting at the middle,

I was sitting at the back while,

Taylor was sitting at the front.

“Hmmm, Welcome back to CRYSTAL HIGH SCHOOL, i saw the arrival at the whatsapp group chat yesterday.

Welcome” she beamed as i rolled my eyes.

Alex stretched his mouth to my ear and whisper something:

“Never let anyone know about your powers” he whispered making me chuckled.

He withdraw from my ear and also went and whisper something in Taylor’s ear.

I Guess he’s telling him the same thing he told me.

“As i was saying..” she couldn’t complete her statement the second time when the Head Boy barged into the class.

“Excuse me ma”

“No problem”

“The S.T.AR, the principal want you guys at his office immediately” he muttered as the three of us got up immediately and left the class.

Shortly, we were already in the office.

“Goodday sir” we all greeted as we entered the office.

“Sir, the head boy said you sent for us” Alex said politely.

“Yeah, I Heard about your arrival, how are you guys doing?” he asked.

“We’re fine sir” we replied.

“I Heard something wierd about you guys” he muttered as he starred at us suspiciously.

“What’s that, sir??” Alex asked with keen interest.

“It’s about magic, i’m hearing information that you guys knows how to contorl magic and you know the laws that Magicians are not allowed in this school.” he muttered as i starred at him.

“Sir, how did you know?? Why will you bring such accusation to us?” Alex half yelled.

“I didn’t accuse you guys, i’m only asking” he fumed.

“Well, that’s a lie, we ain’t magicians” Taylor snapped in.

“Ok, you can leave…but don’t forget that i got my eyes on you” he smirked as i rolled my eyes.

“Whatever” i said and rolled my eyes then walked out of the office.

“I Thought he called us for something important” Taylor mumbled as we walked into the class room.

Alex’s pov:
It was barely 10 minutes we entered into the class and the teacher resumed his teaching when my body started behaving abnormal.

I Raised the Talisman up to have a clear view as i discovered that it was blinking rapidly meaning – there is trouble on the way.

“The Talisman is blinking rapidly, we need to leave this class right away” i whispered to Sylvester and Taylor.

We got up and was about to leave the class when the Mrs. Walker confronted us.

“What’s wrong with you guys?! You’ve been leaving the class, what’s the problem” she fumed.

“We’re sorry ma, but you we need to leave right away.” Alex pleaded.

“Are you stupid? Will you return to your seat or you want to see the other side of me” she scolded angrily.

☀Episode 14☀

We walked to our seat saldly as the Talisman continued blinking fastly meaning the enemy was closer.

“What do we do?” i asked the two of them.

“I Have a suggestion, i’ll cause the ground to shake so everyone will run out of the class and that will give us the Previlege to run outta here” Sylvester muttered.

“Hmm, nice idea, now do it” i commanded.

Within a twinkle of an eye, everywhere started shaking as books and chair began ravaging in the classroom.

“Earthquave, everybody. Out of the class” Mrs. Walker ordered as she ran out of the class.

“Guys, let’s move” I Commanded as we ran out of the class.

Shortly, we were already at the back of the school.

This incantation i’m about to say will make you become invisible” i smirked while Taylor and Sylvester nodded.

“Repeat after me, “Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Element that we all share, no man should see me” i instructed as i placed the Talisman on the ground.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Elements that we all share. No man should see me” we chorused but nothing happened as the atmosphere remains the same.

“What happened? Nothing works.” Taylor said.

“Me, i’m very much confused, the Talisman never siezed to work, what’s wrong?” i asked no one in particular as i tried to think why the Talisman didn’t work.

“Oh oh, now i know the reason” i scrutinized.

“What’s the cause??” Sylvester asked with keen interest.

“We can’t do anything with the Talisman because Raymond isin’t here.

As far as one of the element is not complete, nothing is gonna work in the Talisman” i explained.

“What the fu*k!!!” Sylvester fumed.

“So, what do we do??” Taylor asked in a confused look.

“We have no option than to run” i instructed as something gave me signal to look my left side.

I Looked at my left and discovered that four huge men was running to our direction.

“Run!!!” i commanded as i picked the Talisman on the ground and ran with my friends while they ran after us.

Raymond’s pov:
The questions sent cold shivered run down my spine as i starred at them in a confused look.

“Don’t you know me? We got lost in the Redwood forest when we went to the school Excursion.

Don’t you guys remember me?” i said as tears started dropping from my eyes.

“I Don’t know you, you must be mistaken me for someone” Sylvester chipped in.

“Nor do i know you either” Taylor added.

“Raymond, i think this guy you took into your house is a lunatic” Alex snapped in.

“I’m not, i’m not, don’t yov recognise me?” i said as i grabbed Alex’s shoulder and began to shake him.

“Call 911, Call the 911, This lunatic might injure me” Alex yelled as the so – called Raymond began to operate his phone.

“Hello, This is Raymond Harrison, their is a lunatic in our house or should i say “A Crazy being”, please come immediately.

My adress is P.O Box 17, Mazuna estate. Please be fast” he spoke as i continued to yelled and drag their clothes for them to loctate me.

2 minutes later, i was still yelling and behaving like a mad person when Someone opened the door, i looked at the dircetion of the door and i need no soothsayer to tell me that it’s the cops.

Within a swift moment, the grab hold of me and inserted an injection on my body.

I Felt dizzy immediately and passed out.
oh my God, i can’t just stop laughing while typing this episode☘️

Raymond oh..⚡

Guys, all your thoughts and questions about Raymond will be answered in the next episode✔️✔️


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