THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 17 & 18☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Raymond’s pov:
I Sighed pathetically as they closed the communication board.

“Hmmm, seems they were distracted by someone” i thought in my head as i rest my back on the bed.

“Thank Goodness, i’ve finally spoken to them, my days in this world are numbered because Alex must surely have an idea” i rasped in my mind as one of the doctor opened the door.

“Doctor, Doctor, have you run the test? I’m not a lunatic, i’m not mad” i tried to convince the doctor.

“Calm down, calm down, we’ve run the test sucessfully and the result is out” he chipped in as i felt relieved immediately.

“Ah, thank Goodness!!! What did the the result says??” i asked with keen interest.

“It says that you’re not mad, you’re not a lunatic” he said as i sighed in relief as i got off the bed.

“If not that you’re a doctor, i would have skinned you alive” i gritted my teeth angrily as i walked out of the room.

Alex’s pov:
From the angry look on her face? It dawned on me that Eunice came here for trouble.

“What are you doing here?” i managed to ask her.

“No one questions the boss, i came here to collect what’s mine.

I Don’t care what you say about it or you gave you, all i know is that i’m here to collect it.” she thundered.

“What’s that??” Sylvester asked boldly.

“I Came to collect the Talisman” she replied.

“You must be very stupid!!!” Taylor cursed angrily.

“You see, i don’t have anyone’s time today, and i’m not collecting it today” she scrutinized as i sighed in relief.

“I Came to tell you guys that i’m Taking the Talismam Tommorow and if you do not give me peacefully, then be ready for war” she thundered.

“No way i’m i letting the Talisman go, if you need a wair, then we’ll give it to you” i yelled at her.

“Oh” she said.

“Yes cupcake” Sylvester said in a mocking tone.

“You guys want to step in the tail of a Lion” she blabbed.

“Didn’t Samson killed the Lion on the bible.

If you want war, we give you war” Taylor spat out angrily.

“Till Tommorow” she said and walked away as i sat on a neary stool, memorizing what she just said.

“Did she mean what she said?” i thought in my head.

“Bro, don’t worry about that, we must give her war since that’s what she wants” Taylor assured.

“Are you sure?” i asked.

“Don’t you believe in the Talisman?” Sylvester asked.

“I Believe, but are you sure it’s gonna help us? Remember Raymond isin’t here” i mumbled under my breath.

“Bro, don’t worry about that, I’m sure that the Talisman is gonna help us” Sylvester assured.

“What are you doing there? Won’t you run down to your class?” the Principal thundered as we jerked up from our seat and ran hastily to the class.

Raymond’s pov:
I Sat on the ground and started gazing at everyone that passes in fustration.

“Gosh!!! How am i going to leave this world and got back to my real world?”

“Is this how i’m going to continue toiling around among all these persons?”

“Without no family? I think it’s high time i commit sucide”

“I Don’t think i can continue leaving here”

“It was all my fault”

“I Lack concentration and focus” i said as i picked the rope i saw in the field.

My eyes moved to the other side as i saw a chiar located close to the wall.

Without thinking twice, i ran to where the Chair is and took it running to a tree close by.

“I Want to die!!! I want to die” i cried out loud as i climbed on the chair.

Shortly, i tied the robe and i was left to choose between life and death at that moment.

☀Episode 18☀

Sylvester’s pov:
The school bell ranged loudly signifying it was time for lunch.

“Whoa, let’s go to the cafteria, my stomach is already itching me” i muttered.

“Ok, after we finished eating, where do we go to?” Taylor asked.

“We’ll go catch some fun ” Alex muttered excitedly as we got up and started heading towards the cafteria.

“Have you seen Bruno the bully, today?” Taylor asked facing me.

“Yeah” i replied.

“So, tell us, what happened?

Did you deal with him?” Alex asked with keen interest.

“When i went to ease myself on the boys bathroom, i saw him walking foolishly to my direction.

I In turn, got ready of my power but unfortunately, he didn’t hit me.

He only shouted me saying: “Get ready to be humiliated at the Cafteria, today” he yelled and walked off” i muttered.

“What?? So you mean, he’s coming to the cafteria to beat you?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah” i replied.

“I Guess he’s gonna regret the day he knew you today because i’m gonna make sure he cries today” Alex muttered and gritted his teeth.

“I Trust you bro” i said and patted his back.

Shortly, we walked into the cafteria as many people were eating and drinking.

“What do i offer you guys?” A slim girl who i guess is the waiter asked.

“Uhm, please get me pizza and a bottle of cold juice” i answered her.

“Ok sir, what about you?” he asked pointing to Taylor.


“And you?” he said pointing to Alex.


“Alright your order will be brought any moment from now” she muttered politely and left.

“Bro, are you sure Eunice won’t take in what she said ealier ago?” Alex asked.

“I’ve told you times without number to stop worrying yourselves about that stupid girl?” Taylor said.

“Why? She’s too dangerous” Alex mumblled.

“I Thought she said she wants war?” Taylor asked.

“Of course” Alex said.

“Then, we’ll give her the war” Taylor muttered.

“But we won’t be able to defeat her Because Raymond is not here” Alex said.

“Why??” Taylor asked.

“Because she’s also a Magicians” Alex dropped the bombshell.

“What??” Taylor said.

“Before i say anything? I’ll have to eat” i muttered as i turned around and saw that the waiter was coming.

“This is it” she said and dropped the food on the table making me sighed in relief.

Within a swift moment, i began devouring my food fastly while my friends ate slowly.

Ten minutes later, Bruno entered the cafteria along with his friends as students started giving way for him.

He walked up to me and slapped me hard on my face.
Who will save the three of them from Eunice when Raymond is about to die.

Do yo think they will suceed??

Well, find out in the next episode.



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