THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 19 & 20☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Alex’s pov:
Bruno gave Sylvester a hot punch in his stomach as Sylvester groaned and fell on his floor while students started running out of the cafteria to avoid been hitten my Bruno.

Cup☕ on the table flew and landed on Bruno’s head as blood started coming out from his head while Bruno let out a hard cry.

I Need no soothsayer to tell me that it’s was Sylvester handwork.

“Argh!!!” Bruno let out a hard cry the second time a lot of ice started breaking on his forehead as i looked at Taylor and discovered that he was controlling it with his eyes.

The two boys following Bruno, ran for their lifes as they saw what was happening while Sylvester got off the ground.

“Argh!!!, Please” Bruno cried out the third time as a hot hot frying pan landed on his head making me chucked.

At that time, Bruno has already burst into tears as some students found it funny and started snapping pictures and videos of him.

The worst part is that Bruno can’t leave because he’s legs has been glued to the floor.

“Please, please, free me, i won’t come close to you, ever in my life” Bruno kept begging as Sylvester walked up to him and gave him a very hot resounding slap that even the sound of the slap can make you feel it.

“Ahhhh” she students shouted as Sylvester gave Bruno another slap.

“Never ever in your life come close to me else you regret” Sylvester warned as a girl walked to Sylvester and whispered something to him.

“I Shooked my head starring coldly at her as i discovered it was Becca, Sylvester’s Girlfriend.

“You can leave” Sylvester commanded as Bruno ran away as it dawned on me that Sylvester might have freed him.

“Let’s go” i commanded and walked away as Taylor and Sylvester ran after me.

“Bro, why did you release bruno? We should have taught him a big lesson” Taylor quired.

“That’s enough!! Do you want to kill the poor boy?” Sylvester said.

“Anyways, that will teach him a lesson never to bully anybody in this school” Taylor said and gritted his teeth.

“What did becca told you?” i asked with keen interest.

“She told me to free Bruno” he replied.

“Awwwn, too lover birds” Taylor said as i found myself laughing.

“Sylvester, Sylvester” a girl called from afar.

“Who’s that?” i asked as i saw a girl running from afar.

“It it’s Becca” Taylor said as Sylvester smiled.

“Two lover birds” i muttered smiling while Sylvester starred at him awkwardly.


“Bro, it’s getting dark, i think it’s high time we communicate with Raymond” Sylvester insisted.

“True. Who knows whether we might just see a way to bring Raymond back?” Taylor inquired.

“Okay, let’s do this” i said and brought out the Talisman from my pocket and also brought out a magic book.

I Glanced through the book and saw something that caught my attention.


“Gosh!!! I’ve never came across anything like this” I said in excitement.

“Oh my God, i can’t wait to see him” Sylvester said in excitment.

“Please, cast the spell” Taylor instructed as i pointed the Talisman on a wall closeby.

“Earth, water, fire, air, elements that we all share. Raymond, we need you now” i cast the spell as the comunication board appeared revealing Raymond.

“Holly Molly!!!, Raymond, What are you trying to do??” i exclaimed in shock as i saw Raymond trying to commit sucide.

“I’m trying to kill myself, i can no longer remain lonely in this world.

☀Episode 20☀
(a short episode : pardon me)

“Please calm down, Calm down” Taylor cooled.

“How can you tell me to calm down when i’m suffering in this world” Raymond fumed.

“But that does not mean you should kill yourself, what if after your death, we saw something that can bring you back?” Sylvester asked as Raymond remained mute.

“Please untie that rope, don’t kill yourself” I Pleaded in tears.

“I Will only free myself if you guys have a way that i will be able to return to my real world” Raymond said.

“Of course, that’s the reason why we cast the Communication board” i replied.

“Are you serious?” Raymond said with happiness.

“Yes” i replied as Raymond quickly losened the rope.

“So, how i’m i going to return back to my world??” Raymond asked with happiness.

“All you need to know is that when you lose concentration, the spell won’t work” instructed.

“Ok, i’ll try” he assured as i brought out the magic book and began to store the spell on my head by repeating the worlds one by one.

“Are you all ready?” i asked.

“Yes” they all chorused.

“Please make sure you all concentrate” i repeated.

“Now repeat after me, “Earth, Water, Fire Air, Elements that we all share, Nothing can stop us from seperating, united we stay”” i commanded.

“Earth, Water, fire Air. Elements that we all share. Nothing can stop us seperating” we all chorused as everything went blank.

Everything went back to normal as we discovered that Raymond was with us.

“Oh my God!!? Raymond” Taylor called and hugged Raymond in tears of joy.
Awwwn, Raymond is back

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