THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 2☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin


“So you mean we’re lost??” Raymond asked no one in particular.

“Of Course, how do you intend to return back to the City without no Map?” i half yelled angrily.

“Calm down Alex, let’s just keep walking, we might be saved” Taylor cooed as i got up from where i sat down.

“But how possibly can the map get burnt when we don’t have magic” Raymond asked in a confused look.

“I’ve told you guys countless times that witch and magic users are everywhere in the forest” i muttered.

“Gosh, i’m hungry already. What do we eat?” Syvester grumbled holding his belly.

“Forget about food now and let’s focus on how we’re gonna come out of this forest sucessfully” Taylor mumbled with a scoff.

“What the heck!!! But you all know that i’m a foodie” Syvester whimpered.

“Then you’re gonna die of hunger, or do you wanna have me for lunch” i muttered.

“I Think so” Syvester chipped in.

“Guys, look” Raymond said pointing afar as we quickly looked at the direction.

It was a An Old wretched Woman controlling magic powers.
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She threw her hand to the left and fire came out immediately, she directed it to the wood as the wood began to burn.

She stretched out her second hand with a sign as water came up while she used her two hand to control the water and the water landed at the burning bush making the fire to quench.

“Oh my God!!! This is magnificent!!!” Syvester exclaimed in a whisper.

“I Told you guys that magic exists now see for yourselfs” i muttered and continued to stare at the woman.

She raised up her head and hit it hard on the ground as the ground opened and the wood fell inside.

She stretched out her two hands together as air from nowhere blew and the tree camed to the normal spot.

“Gawd!!! This is real magic” Raymond exclaimed.

“Guys, why don’t we approach the woman and beg her to take us back to the city” Taylor sugested.

“Yes, maybe she might help us” Syvester added.

“I agree, but who’s gonna do the talking” i asked.

“You” the three of them chorused pointing at me.

“Why??” i said almost in a whisper.

“Because you’re our time leader” Raymond chipped in.

“Ok, fine i agree, le’s go” i scrutinized and stood up from the hiding place while the rest followed suit.

We approached the woman as she turned quickly to us then stretched out her hand ready to strike.

“Who are you? Answer or i help you to meet you anscestor” she fumed.

“Calm down, woman. We came in peace” i muttered raising up my hands while the rest also raised up their hands.

“How may i help you?” she said as she dropped her hand while we walked close to her.

“Ma’am, we got lost inside this forest and we don’t know how to go back to our city, Cilifornia.” i whimpered starring at her.

“So, how can i help you?” she muttered in a cold voice.

“Please can you help us get back into our city, please??” i pleaded in a teary tone.

“I’m sorry, i can’t do that” she said sadly.

“Why??” i asked as my voice began to crack.

“The Magic Godess has warned all Magic users never to return you guys back to your city” She replied sadly.

“Wow, so the Magic Godess know about the S.T.A.R??” Raymond asked with a Scoff.

“Yeah” she replied.

“Please, she won’t knows” i pleaded.

“Oh sorry, her eyes is everywhere and she’ll surely kills me if i help you guys.”

“Damn it…But why do she instist we remain here?” i fumed angrily.

“I Don’t really knows but according to her, you guys are the next to have magic powers, bye” she stated and placed her hands together then close her eyes.

“But, wi…” i couldn’t complete my statement when she disappeared.

“What a wierd woman” Taylor said and chuckled.

“Guys, do you overhead her? She made mention of something” Syvester shrieked.

“Yeah, but is she really sure of what she was saying?” Raymond asked.

“From all the magic books that i’ve read, Magicians don’t lie” i stated.

“So, you mean we’re going to be magicians?” Taylor asked smilling.

“I Think so” i replied.


Alex will be Fire

I Think i prefer water

Syvester will be earth while

Raymond will be Air” Taylor yelled happily making me chuckled.

“Taylor Sometimes, You behave like a baby” Syvester muttered as i found myself laughing.

“What!!!” Taylor yelled as he jumped over Syvester playfully and began to punch him recklessly making me to laugh more.

“Alex, Raymond, come and save me before i pass out, i haven’t eaten so i don’t have the strenght” Syvester muttered playfully as Taylor gripp him tight.

“So, who’s now behaving like a kid” Taylor asked.

“Me, i’ve surrender” Syvester said tiredly.

“Good” Taylor chipped in as he let go off Syvester While Syvester got up slowly.

“Guys i think i’m gonna pass out in fifteen minutes time⏰ If i didn’t see anything to eat” Syvester grumbled holding his belly.

Angela’s pov:
“Gosh, it’s almost 8pm and Syvester hasen’t returened” i thought in my head.

“What could be wrong with him” i bothered as i dialed Eveyln’s mumber.

“Maybe, he might be residing in Alex’s mansion” i thought in my head.

Hello ma’am✍️

“Hey, how’re you doing?✍️

“I’m not fine at all”✍️

“What happened?”✍️

“I’m bothered, Alex has not returned back from school”✍️

“Oh so sorry, same as mine, Syvester hasen’t returned back from school”✍️

“What could be keeping the four of them, i’ve put a call through Taylor and Raymond’s mum and they too told me that none of the child has returned home”✍️

“I Think i need to put a call through the principal, that would only be the best way for now”✍️

“Okay bye”✍️

“Yeah, Goodnight” i muttered and hanged up the call.

As quickly as possible, i dialed the principal’s number as it began to read.

“Hello sir”✍️

“Mrs. Angela, how may i help you, please?”✍️

“What’s happening, my son hasen’t returned.
The ST.A.R Are missing”✍️

“I’m Sorry ma’am, it’s not my fault because i saw them leaving the school premises after the close of the excursion, i think maybe the hang around”✍️

“But s….” i couldn’t finish my statement when he hanged up the call.

“Shît” i cursed as i dropped my phone.

“What do i do? What do i do?” i thought in my head as tears threatening to fall from my eyes.

I Picked up my phone and dialed Syvester number but it wasen’t going through.

I Couldn’t hold the tears anymore, i realeased it completely as tears flowed from my eyes like a running water.

Syvester’s pov:
“Gosh, it’s dark already, i need to sleep since there’s nothing to eat” i Instructed.

“Yeah, but where do we sleep?” Raymond squaled.

“Here of ofcourse,” Taylor said lied down.

“Yes, we sleep anywhere the night meets us” Alex chipped in and also lied down.

“I Think so” Raymond said and lied down.

“What the fuc*k” i exclaimed as my eyes spotted something making Taylor, Alex and Raymond jerked up their feet.

Is it real? – Yes of course, it was a green apple located behind a tree, a green and fresh apple.

“What?” Taylor asked in a confused look.

“Look” i srutinized, pointing to the apple.

“Wow” Raymond exclaimed as he spotted it.

Within a twinkle of an eye, i ran to the direction because my eyes were already bugdling out because of hunger.

I Took one and gave it a bite as i discovered that it was more sweeter than all the apples i’ve eaten in my life.

Without wasting anymore time, i started devouring it as Alex, Taylor, and Raymond also joined me.

As i was eating it, something like powers started entering me as i wanted to stop eating it, but out of humger, i continued eating it.

“Ah, i think i’m farmished already” I Mumbled chewing the remaining apple in my mouth.

“See you tommorow” i said and lied down, closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.


The Lion Roared loudly jotting me off my spleep as i quickly got up and discovered that the rest of them has gotten up from sleep.

“Is that a lion that roared?” Taylor asked with Keen interest.

“Yeah” Raymond replied as the lion roared the second time and started running towards our direction.

“Run!!!” Alex commanded as we started runner.

“Run!!! Faster!!!” Alex commanded as we discovered that the Lion was close to us.

Something ran into me that makes me believe that i will be able to defeat the Lion.

“You can do you this!!! You can do this!!” i re – assured myself.

I stopped running and turned to face the lion.

Then, i stretched out my hands as the ground opened immediately and the lion fell inside while the ground closed back.

“What the heck!!! This is real magic” Alex complimented.
Do you think the rest of them will be easy to control their magic?

Well, find out in the next episode⛽




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