THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 21 & 22☀

Episodes of mystery stories


Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Raymond’s pov:

“Oh my God!!! Raymond!!!” Taylor called in excitment as he hugged me.

I Couldn’t hold the tears anymore as i released it on Taylor’s shoulder.

Tears of joy flowed from my eyes as i designated from the hug.

Alex ran to me a gave me a hearthwarming hug.

“Bro, i’m so happy, i’ve missed you alot” he said and hugged me.

“Thanks for bringing me back to my real world. I’m really really happy” i thanked as i hugged him tight.

“You are welcome” Alex replied as we designated from the hug.

“Awwwn, my little bro” Sylvester said and hugged me as i reciprocated to the hug.

“My Elder bro that is a foodie” Raymond said as Sylvester eyed him.

“So, what’s popping?” I asked.

“Many things” Alex replied.

“Woah, so tell me, i’m listening” I said at sat down on a chair close to me.

“We beat the hell out of Bruno today” Sylvester said sharply.

“You mean, Bruno the bully?” i asked.

“Yeah, the pain so was so hot that he began crying” Sylvester said.

“You need to see the way Sylvester gave Bruno two hot slaps” Taylor complimented.

“Wow. I wish i was there” i pouthed like a baby.

“Guys, that’s not our problem now” Alex half yelled.

“So, what’s our problem now?” I asked with keen interest.

“It’s Eunice Samuel” Alex said.

“What’s wrong with her? Why is she our problem?” i asked with keen interest.

“What? No way!! Why does she wants it?” i asked.

“I Don’t know, but it’s gonna hard to secure the Talisman from her” Alex shuttered.

“Why?” i asked.

“Because, she’s also a Magician but she can control all elements” Alex shrugged.

“What!!!”” i yelled in an amazed tone.

Bruno’s pov:
I Gritted my teeth angrily as i saw the video of how Sylvester dealt with me on the Whatsapp group chat.

“Shît” i cursed angrily.

“I’m gonna make sure this fool pays for what he did to me” i spat out angrily.

“Bro, this is the third time i’m telling you to stop all those revenge of yours, there’s is no way you’ll be able to destroy a magician” Donald warned.

“Oh, you think i’m joking, right?? You’ll be suprised of what is gonna happen in school tommorow” i fumed.

“What do you intend in doing tommorow at school?” Donald asked with keen interest.

“My gang members are coming tommorow, we’re going to eliminate the four of them” i scrutinized as a smile crept on my face.

“No, No, they’re gonna kill you and your gangs” Donald warned as i laughed at his stupidity.

“Chilax bro, just watch and see” i cooed.

“Don’t say i didn’t warned you, because a word is a enough for the wise. Anyways, let’s continue our game” Donald mumbled as he brought out the card from his pocket.

“Where did we stop?” i asked…

Mr. Viutton’s pov:

My eyes widened in shock as a Frying pan from nowhere hit Bruno in the Video i was watching in the Whatsapp group chat.

“This is real magic” i exclaimed as i continued to watch.

Bruno was trying to run but it seems his legs were glued to the ground.

“I said it, all these boys are magicians and they’re hiding it from me.” i said and continue watching.

“I Won’t hesitate to expell them from the school when i found out they’re really Magicians” i rasped in my mind as i continue watching.

“What the heck!!!” i exclaimed as Sylvester gave him two hot resounding slap and Instead of Bruno to retaliate, he started begging.

“Gosh!!! I’ve seen wonders” i exclaimed as Becca whispered something to Sylvester’s ear and Bruno ran away.

I Sighed in devastation as i bean to view the latest engagements in the group chat.

I Saw something that caught my attention, it was Alex that posted it.

Alex➡ The S.T.A.R is complete, the legend has returned. The four best friends are finally together, Raymond is back” Alex posted along with some pictures.


☀Episode 22☀

Eunice’s pov:
I Gritted my teeths angrily as i saw the post Alex just made.

“No, no, i need to confirm this” i muttered as i left my phone and headed towards my mirror.

I Swap my hands close to the mirror along with some incantations as the mirror turned blur and after sometimes, the four of them started showing clearly on the mirror.

“No” i cried out loud as i saw the four of them catching some fun.

“This mission is going to be littlie bit risky and bloody but there’s no way i’m letting the Talisman go, i’ll fight for it” i yelled angrily as everything began shaking.

The mirror broke into pieces, my TV fell on the floor as i tried to calm my nerves so that everything will become normal.

Sylvester’s pov:
“It’s getting late already, i need to go home” Raymond bothered.

“Ok, but make sure you don’t reveal your powers to anyone except your family” Alex instructed.

“Alright” he replied.

“Bro, i’m already missing you” Taylor mumbled.

“Common, we’re gonna see tommrow” Raymond assured.

“Alright, bye” Taylor baded.


“Guys, see you all tomorrow, make sure you wait for everyone till we’re complete, is that clear?” Alex instructed.

“Yes” we all chorused as we departed going to our seperate homes.


I Yawned loudly as woke up from my sleep.

“Geez!!” i exclaimed as i found out that the time is almost 8am.

I Rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeths, took my bath, then rushed down to my room.

I Applied my body cream, wore my uniform, brushed my hair and rushed down to the dinning table.

“I’ll rather be late than to miss my favourite meal” i rasped in my mind.

“Good morning dad” i greeted as my dad sat down on the chair.

“How’re you?” he asked.

“Fine, thanks” i replied as my mum dropped the bunch of spaghetti in the table.

Shortly, we began eating.

“I Wish i could devorce my Wife, i no longer love her” i heard my Dad said as i quickly stood up in anger.

“How can you say you don’t love mum” i flared up as i could see shock run through my Dad’s face.

“What’re you talking about son?” Mum asked.

“Dad said he longer loves you” i replied.

“But dad didn’t say anything” Mum said.

“Didn’t you hear him?” i asked.

“Dad hasen’t mentioned anything since he began eating” Mum defended.

“But i heard him say something.” i retorted.

“I Think you have a ear problem” Dad fumed.

“I’ve lost apetite in this food, i’m no longer eating” i said as i stormed out of the house.


“Hey guys” i called as i walked to where they all seated.

“I Know he’s late because of food again” i heard Taylor said.

“Why do you always talk about that i’m a foodie?” i asked facing Raymond as i could see shock written all over his face.

“I haven’t said anything here and how do you know what’s on my mind?” Taylor asked in a confused look.
Oh my God, are you sure Sylvester is not a mind reader?



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