THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 23 & 24☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Sylvester’s pov:
“Anyways, let’s go, i don’t have time anything like argument this early morning” Taylor said and walked.

I Keep hearing different as i began to feel a lot of pain in my head, or should i say Headache.

“Bro, what’s wrong? You’vee been behaving abnormal since” Raymond inquired as i stopped walking at sat down on brick.

“Headache, my head is paining me” i replied.

“Headache? What caused the headache?” Alex asked with keen interest.

“Can’t you see that almost everyone that passes are talking? My head is bulging fr6 their noise” i whimpered.

“But i haven’t anyone noises since we were walking or have you guys heard?” Alex asked in a confused look.

“No” the two of them chorused.

“I Guess the three of you here is having ear problem!!! How can you tell me you haven’t heard anyone’s voice” i shuttered.

“Gosh!!! I’m so angry, how can that good for nothing girl just break up with me” i heard a boy mumbled as he passed us.

“Did you heard what that guy just said?” i asked hoping they could understand me.

“No” they all chorused.

“What did he say?” Alex asked in a confused tone.

“He said “Gosh!!! I’m so angry, how can that good for nothing girl just break up with me for no reason” that was what he said” i shuttered.

“What??? But the boy didn’t make use of him mouth” Raymond said in amazement.

“This is really really complicated” Taylor exclaimed in amazement.

“Bring your ear closer” Alex commanded as i brought my ear closer to him.

He placed his ear to my ear as i could see sign of shock ran through his face.

“Sylvester” he called in shock.

“What?? What happened?” i asked in a confused tone not even bothering to hear what others were saying.

“Sylvester, You’re a Mind – Reader” Alex dropped the bombshell.

“What, you must be joking!!!” i half yelled finding it hard to laugh.

“I’m serious” Alex stated.

“What!!!! No No No, i don’t want to be a mind reader” I whimpered as more tears poured from my eyes.

“Why?? Don’t you know that with the help of you, we’ll be able to conquer Eunice” Alex chipped in with a smile on his face.

“Will i be abke to suruive this? With the thoughts of everyone ravaging inside my mind. Won’t i die of headache??” i stated as more tears poured from my eyes.

“Don’t get it wrong, you can be able to control it” Alex muttered.

“Are you serious?” i asked with a smile on.

“Of course, just don’t mind or concentrate on what they’re saying” he stated.

“And also try to concentrate on their thoughts when you need them” he added.

“Yippeee!!!” i yelled in happiness as i hugged Alex.

Taylor and Raymond came closer as we did a group hug.

“Hey guys, get ready to cry your As$ out” we heard a familiar voice as we quickly designated from the hug.

I Looked at the direction of the boys and saw that it was Bruno and his gang members.

“Alex, Hope you came wiht the Talsiman??” Raymond asked.

“Yeah” Alex replied.

“Time to catch some fun” Raymond said and stretches his hand towards Bruno, as Bruno flew and landed his back at a eletrical pole making him winced in pain.

Eunice’s pov:
I Wore my clothes hastily when the mirror turned blur and the Magic Goddess appeared on it.

“Good day ma’am” i greeted her as i dropped the clothes on bed so as to pay attention to what she was about to say.

“Another mission is at hand and it will be handed by you” she dropped the bombshell as i felt a thorn in my flesh.

☀Episode 24☀

“Why me?? Why me?? Why must she send me for a mission when i’m occupied?” i rasped in my mind.

“Ok ma’am, i’m in” i replied her.

“Good, you’re not going to start the mission now” she stated as i sighed in relief.

“At least, i’ll still have to collect the Talisman before going on the mission” i thought in my head.

“Ok ma,” i mumbled.

“Your wristwatch will beep when it’s time for the mission and you must disappeared wherever you are and appear here” she commanded.

“Ok, ma’am, i’ll do exactly what you said” i assured her.

“Yeah, i’ve read your mind and i know what you’re planning to do, but i just want to tell you the truth that it won’t work or goes perfectly for you” she stated and disappeared before i could utter anything.

“What does she mean by that?” i asked no one in particular.

“Is she trying to tell me that i won’t be able to take the Talisman away from them?” i thought in my head.

“It either i die or i take it away from them” i assured myself as i quickly wore my clothes and took my staff.

“The Talisman is mine and mine only” with that, i stormed out of my house.

Alex’s pov:
Bruno hit his butt on the floor as Sylvester and Raymond ran towards him.

Bruno gang members ran towards us as i stood on my feet, getting ready for them along with Taylor.

One of them ran towards me as i gave him a swift kick in his stomach making him staggered backwards.

Before he coud regain his strength, i rushed him with punchs and slaps as blood started to Oozed out all over his mouth.

I Looked my left side and saw of the gand boys running to my direction.

Within a swift moments, i stretched my hand towards them as fire came burning their clothes which they shouted and ran away remaining 5 of them.

Taylor rushed one of them with a punch while the second one grabbed Taylor and began to pressed his neck.

“Argh!!!” Taylor cired out.

“Alex!! Save me” he called as i quickly let me the boy i was beating go, then ran towards Taylor’s direction.

“Everyone, run, run, i repeat Run” Bruno commaned as i looked at his direction and saw that Raymond and Sylvester was giving him the beating of his life.

I Ignored them and ran towards Taylor and to my suprise, none of them was there anymore.

They have all ran for theirlives.

“Gosh!!! I’m weak already” Taylor said tiredly.

“You don’t have to be weak because Eunice will be here any moment from now.

Within a twinkle of an eye, a flash of lightening struck as someone appeared.

Though, i couldn’t see cleary because everywhere was somehow dark.

Everything became clealy as i saw the person making a jaws dropped.

It was Eunice – She was with a staff and from her look, she was here to fight.
Who’s ready to join the S.T.A.R and deal with Eunice?

Love You All❤️❤️



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