THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 25 & 26☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Dedicated to Precious Louis

Eunice’s pov:
I appeared in their midst as i could seen sign of readiness and shock on their faces.

“The S.T.A.R will never give you the Talisman” Alex yelled at me as they all went close together.

“Hmm, how are you sure that i’m not collect the Talisman?” i asked with a laugh on my lips.

“Because, we are complete” Raymond said and stretched his hands towards me and before i could block it, The Air blew effortly and pushed me as i hit my butt on the ground.

“Argh!!” i groaned in pain as i got up the ground as i soon discovered that a oncoming rod was coming towards my direction as i quickly used my hands to block it.

I Stressed my hands towards Sylvester as chair closeby hit him at his wrist making Sylvester winced in pain.

I Walked towards Raymond as i stretched out my hands towards him.

Air blew forcefully towards him as he quickly blocked it.

A punch landed at my wrist as i groaned and staggered backwards.

Alex in turn rushed towards me with punch as i couldn’t escaped from him.

Taylor formed a knife with water as he stabbed me on my arms making me cried out loud.

“Argh!!!!” i cried out in pain as the pain ratched around my body making me gigled.

The pain was something else that even a litte child of four years won’t be able to survive it.

Raymond stabbed me the second time as i felt cold shiver run down my spine as i felt i was going to pass out any sooner.

Sylvester in turn, stretched his hand towards a table and directed it towards my direction.

“Please” i found myself begging.

“Please don’t do this to me” i whimpered in pain.

“Next time, don’t come close to us not to talk to challenge us” Sylvester warned and released the table on me as the table landed and crashed on my body making me cried out in pain.

“Noooo” i cried out as i managed to placed my my palms together, closed my eyes and disappeared to my home.

It wasen’t up to ten seconds anymore when i passed out.

Sylvester’s pov:

“Yes!! We did it” Alex happily.

“We did it, we conquered her” Raymond added as we hugged ourselves forming a group hug.

“Holly Molly!!!” Taylor exclaimed as i didn’t bother to hear what he was about to say when i read through his mind.

“We’re late” he said in his mind.

“Yeah, Raymond, it’s true, we’re late” i stated.

“How did you do that? You read my mind?” Taylor exclaimed.

“Have you forgotten that i’m a mind reader?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Oh, i forgot, anyways let’s get going, we’re late already” Taylor instructed as we started walking fastly.

“Did you read Eunice’s mind on why she need the Talisman?” Alex asked after a short silence.

“I Tried to, but it seems she restricted me from reading her minds” i replied.

“Alright, but no matter what, we’re not gonna give her the Talisman” Alex assured.

“Today we be all fun because we’re gonna read most people’s mind and also know their secrects” Taylor muttered excitedly.

We walked for a short time, when Alex stopped as sign of shock, guilt and pain ran through his face.

I read his mind immediately as i discovered something that almost ruined my day.

It was the Talisman, the Talisman is missing.

“The Talisman is missing” i and Alex said almost at the same time.

“What??” Taylor said in shock but Raymond didn’t make any sign of shock.

I Read Raymond mind immediately hearing what is in his mind.

“Awwn, Alex is already shedding tears, i need to give them the Talisman” Raymond said in his mind as i sighed in relief.

☀Episode 26☀

“Ah Raymond you scared me” i shrugged as Taylor starred at me in confusion.

“What’re you saying?” Taylor asked in confusion as Raymond smiled and brought out the Talisman.

“Oh my God!!! How did you get that?” Alex asked in suprise as and quickly grabbed the Talisman away from Raymond.

“Calm down man, i just wanted to scare you guys” Raymond chipped in.

“How did you get it?” Alex asked further.

“It fell from your pocket when you we’re running towards Eunice” Raymond smirked.

“Hmm, thank Goodness, it’s safe.” i said happily.

“Guys, we’re late. We need to hurry to school” Taylor said and ran away while we ran after him.

☘️Author Kelvin’s pov:☘️

Mrs. Walker have her period on that same time concluding the topic she was teaching yesterday when she got interupted by the S.T.A.R.

“Good morning ma’am” the four of them greeted but she didn’t answer anyone because of her anger.

“The four of you, stand up” she ordered in annoyance as they got up.

“What’s wrong with you guys these days?” she asked bitterly.

“Yesterday you came late, today again you came late, do you guys think because of what happened you, we ain’t gonna scold you?” she muttered angrily.

“Let today be the first and last time when you’ll come late to my class. The next time you guys come close to my class, i’m gonna send you home” she fumed and continue teaching.

“Why’s she angry today? Sylvester, please read her mind let’s know what’s making her to be angry” Alex stated while Sylvester read her mind and started laughing.

“Why the laugh?” Raymond asked.

“Can’t believe that she is thinking that her husband is traveling today and she’s angry because her husband haven’t had sêx with her for three months” Sylvester said in laugher while the others joined him in laughing.

Eunice’s pov:
I Wake up with a loud bang on my head.

I looked around and discovered that i was in my room.

I Tried as much as possible to remenber what happened but i couldn’t.

I Tried to get up but i couldn’t because i was feeling pain all over my body.

I Looked at my arm and saw an injury in where i was stabbed.

Blood was all over my body.

I Closed my eyes using my magic to remove all the bruises on my body.

I opened my eyes and discovered that all my bruises are all gone as everything that happened to me came flashing on my head.

How Taylor stabbed me,

How Sylvester make the table to crash on my body.

“Ah, Sylvester, Taylor, Alex, Raymond, i’ll make sure your bones get rotten” i yelped in my mind.

“I’ll destroy you and i’ll take the Talisman away from you”

“I’ll kill you and i’ll make sure the birds eat your bones, i’ll take the remaining bones and throw them in the river”

“Because you all have steppen your legs on the lion’s tail” i rasped in my mind.
Please someone should help me to tell Eunice that her days in this world is numbered.

Four more episodes to enter #Season_2



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