THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 27 & 28☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Sylvester’s pov:
“Like seriously??” Alex said and chuckled.

“No wonder she was just angry” Taylor said in laughter.

“The four of you, stand up and come here” Mrs. Walker commanded.

“Me??” I Asked.

“The four of you” she commanded as we walked to the front of the class.

“Why were the four of you laughing so hard??” she asked in anger.

“Nothing ma’am” Alex replied sharply.

“Are you stupid?? Do you take me for a fool?? Tell me why the four of you here are laughing or i’ll give you guys punishment” She thundered.

“Nothing” Raymond half yelled at her.

“Oh, Do you take me for a fool?? The four of you, “Kneel Down and raised up your hands” she ordered.

“What??” Taylor exclaimed.

“Kneel down” she yelled at us as Taylor and Raymond quickly knelt down.

“Gbam!!! A loud and thuderous slap landed on my face as i discovered that it was from the Teacher.

My palms went to my face as a dropp of tears fell from my eyes making everyone in the class began to laugh.

“How dare you disobey my orders?” she thundered as Alex quickly knelt down to avoid been slapped by Mrs. Walker.

“Within the count of three, and you haven’t knelt down, i’m gonna double the class” she gritted her teeth angrily as i felt like tearing her into pieces.

“1” she called making me chuckled.

“Sylvester, obey her” Alex whispered silently.

“2” she called as i knelt down.

“Thank your God!!!” she chipped in and continue teaching.


“Gosh!!! My hands is getting weak” Raymond said tiredly.

“I Can’t continue like this, we’ve been here for more than 2 hours and releasing us has not even come into her mind” i whimpered in a tired tone.

“Sylvester, do something” Alex whispered.

“Do what??” i asked whisperingly.

“Fast foward the time and ring the bell with your powers” Alex instructed.

“Hmm, nice idea” Taylor complimented.

“Yeah, that’s the only way we can be free because once the bella ring, we’ll go out for lunch and when we come back to the class, she’d forget that she gave us a punishment” Alex mumbled excitedly.

“Woah, i can’t wait to take my lunch” i said excitedly as was about performing my powers when Taylor said something in his mind.

“When will Sylvester ever changed from being a foodie?”

“Taylor, i heard you” i muttered as Taylor smiled.

I Closed my eyes and used my minds to control the magic.

Within a swift moment, the school bell rang loudly as i checked the time and discovered that it was 12pm already.

“Woah, it’s lunch time already” i yelled and jumped up from kneeling down as the rest followed suit.

Donald’s pov:
“Doctor!!! Doctor!!!” i called as i stopped the doctor.

“Good afternoon sir” i greeted tiredly after running to him.

“Yes, how may i hep you?” the doctor inquired removing his glasses.

“My name is Donald Rayn, i’m the younger brother to Bruno Rayn” i introduced.

“Oh, i remember. Youq brother was admitted here, right?” he asked sounding politely.

“Yes doctor, how’s he?” i asked with keen interest.

“He’s fine, any problem?” he asked while i nodded.

“Yes sir, i wish to see him” i muttered.

“Ok, come with me” he commanded and started walking while i followed him.
“Bro, how are you doing?” i asked with keen interest as i approached him.

“Preety good” he whimpered with his faint and quake voice.

“I heard that you were admitted to the hospital so i quickly rushed down here.

What really happened??” i asked in a confused look.

“It was the S.T.A.R

I went with my gang members to deal with them and look what they did to me” he said in tears as he pointed the bruises on his body.


☀Episode 28☀

Eunice’s pov:
I gritted angrily as i remembered vividly everything the stars did to me.

“Gosh!! I need to look for a situable place to eliminate them so that the Cops won’t see me” i thought in my head as an ieea popped into my head.

“The sanwill desert, wow that a cool and hiding place to deal with them” i rasped in my mind as i quickily brought out my phone and send the text to Alex.

Me➡ Meet me at the Sanwill desert tommorow at 10am” i sent the message to them.

I Was about dropping my phone when a message popped uP as i soon discovered that it was from Alex saying:

“We’re ready and we’ll be there” i read it making me chuckled.

As soon as i dropped my phone, my wrist watch started shaking vividly signifying that it’s time for the mission.

I Wore my sandals, took my staff and rushed to my mirror.

When i got there, i discovered that the Magic Goddess has already appeared.

“Get ready, your mission is to eliminate the gang members who are terrozing the man market” she instructed.

“Ok ma’am”

“Make sure none of them survive it and before i forget, you may die tommorow if you aren’t careful of what you’re about to do” she warned and disappeared.

“What is she saying?” i said in my mind as i chuckled and disappeared.

Alex’s pov:
“Today was fun, we’re just reading people’s mind” Sylvester said with a smile as a message popped on my phone.

I Checked it and discovered that it was from Eunice.

“Guys, come and see this” i instructed as they gathered me.

“Meet me that the Sanwill desert tommorow at 10am” i read out.

“What kind of trap is that?” Taylor said in anger.

“I’m not going” Raymmd said.

“Why?? Don’t you think that’s the only way we can kill her without the Cops knowing” i tried to convince them.

“But what if she tries to set up all?” Sylvester asked in a confused look.

“Don’t worry about that, you’re gonna know if it’s a set up” i stated.

“Ok, send her that we’re ready” Taylor said as i typed “We’re ready, we’ll come” to her.

“No matter what,,, She’s going down tommorow” Raymond assured.
Who believe what Raymond said and What did The Magic Goddes mean when she said “You might die if you’re not carefull with your steps”??



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