THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 29 & 30☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️


Alex’s pov:

I Yawned loudly as i got off the bed.

“Wow, what a cool night” i exclaimed as i got off the bed.

I Went to the bathroom as usual, and brushed my teeth, and took my bath.

After finished bathing, i dried my body, comb my hair then apply my lotion.

I Wore my clothes, took my bag then grabbed the Talisman and rushed to the dinning.

Sylvester’s pov:
I Sat on the dinning table eating slowly as what that said in his mind keep ravaging in my head..

“Dad, how could you say that?? How could you say that you longer loves Mum? Why??” i asked fiegning annoyance.

“Son, you’ve talking about this since yesterday. What’re you saying?” Mum asked in a confused look.

“Mum, i’m a mind reader – it’s part of my powers, i read Dad’s mind and he’s planning on devorcing you” i dropped the bombshell.

“What??? Jeff, why?? Why do you want.” i couldn’t complete her statement when i interuppted her.

“Mum, just leave him to Devorce you, i don’t like him, he’s like a pain in the as$, i hate him” i yelled as i stood up from my seat, pick my bag then stormed out of the house.

Eunice’s pov:
I Checked my time for the third time and discovered that it was just 9:35am.

I Hissed and continued to eat hastily.

“Gosh!!! I can’t wait to kill them, i can’t wait to collect the Talisman from them” i rasped in my mind and continue eating.

“I Guess this will be the final mission because i’m not spare them or rather forgive them”

“I’m gonna make sure none of them escape this” i said in my mind as i finished eating.

I Cheked my⏰time and discovred it was ⏰9:50pm⏰

“Perfect time” i shrugged and placed my palms together, closed my eyes together and disappeared.

Alex’s pov:
“Gosh, what’s keeping Sylvester” i bothered as i checked my time and discovered that it was 9:50pm.

“Are you sure it’s not because of food that’s why he hasen’t come” Taylor asked worriedly.

“I Don’t think so, Sylvester knows when to be serious and not to” Raymond scrutinized.

“I Don’t want it to pass today. I’m very eagerly to eliminate her” i mumbled looking around whether i could see him.

“Here he comes” i said and sighed in relief.

“Bro, why are you all bothered” Sylvester asked as he approached him.

“Take a look at the time” i said in annoyance.

“I Know i’m late, i was angry ealier” Sylvester muttered.

“Guys let’s go, we’ll talk about that later” i said and walk away while the rest followed suit.

We’re already close to the san Will Desert when Taylor brought out a conversation.

“So tell us, why were you angry?” Taylor asked.

“I Couldn’t believe that my father said in his mind that he no longer loves my mum.

“What?? That’s stupidity. 100%” I mumbled.

“Guys i don’t just want to talk about it now so i won’t loose concentration in this fight” Sylvester said as we began walking in silence.
“Sylvester, are we set up?” I asked with keen interest.

“No, she’s waiting for us” Sylvester replied.

“Guys let’s go” i ordered as we walked into the small desert.

I Looked around and Saw Eunice located at the corner as she ran towards us.

“I can see that you guys have the guts and the mind to come over here” she said in laughter.

“Yeah, because we’re not gonna let you take the Talisman away for no reason” Raymond half yelled at her.

“It’s better you just give me the Talisman or you face the wrath of me” she fumed.

“Never, do you take us like a Weaken Vessels?” Taylor muttered.

☀Episode 30☀

Eunice’s pov:
I Stretched my hands towards Taylor as breeze blew and pushed Taylor to the wall as he let out a loud cry.

Sylvester controlled the tree and was about falling on me when i disappeared and appeared at the front of Alex as i gave him a hard punch on his mouth.

Alex groaned as he gave me a hard punch on my eyes as i fell on the floor.

Raymond stretched his hands towards me as i flex and landed my butt on the ground.

Taylor got up and stretched his hands towards me as a knife in form of water ran through me.

Alex also stretches his hands towards me as bunch of fire started coming to my direction.

I Tried to run out of the location when i discovered that my legs were glued to the floor.

I Tried all i could to leave that position but all proved abortive.

The fire flew and landed into my body as i fell on the ground in pain.

My body became weak as i stretched my hands towards Alex and my powers didn’t worked.

I Tried and tried when a tree unknowningly fell on my body.

Alex’s pov:
I Smiled devishly as she closed her eyes in pain.

“Yes, she’s dead” Taylor jumped up happily.

“Our enemy is dead” Sylvester yelled and joined him.

“Guys, that’s not the real death, come let’s kill her” i said as we rounded her, held eachother and closed our eyes.

“Repeat after me, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Elements that we all share. No evil shall escape my sight. She must die” i commanded.

“Repeat after me, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Elements that we all share. No evil shall escape my sight. She must die” we all chorused as bunch of lightening stroke then lightening struck ther.

“Is she dead?” Taylor said.

“Yes” i replied happily.

“Yes, we did it, we did it” we all yelled happily as we did a group hug.

“This calls for a celebration” we yelled happily.


Sofia’s pov:
I Placed my palms together, closed my eyes and disappeared then appeared in the Sanwill Desert.

I Ran towards Eunice and began to cry when i saw Eunice lying lifeless on the ground..

She is my bestie so it pains me to see her dead.

“Oh Euinice, you should have told me to help you” i sniffed and whimpered in pain.

“Anyways, i’m saving you right now” i said and cleaned my tears then brought out my Talisman.

I Could have give her this Talisman than for her to fight the S.T.A.R” i rasped in my mind.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Elements that we all share, my bestie must return back to life, i want her back” i cast the spell as bunch of lightening stroke while Eunice rose up her feet.

“Sofia” she called and hugged me.

“What’re you doing here?” she asked happily.

“I Came to save you bestie, i Resurected you from the dead” i beamed.

“Oh thank you very much, i so much appreciate. Please can you do me one more favour?” Eunice asked.

“What’s that?” i asked.

“Please can you join me and revenge my death?” she asked making me stunned.

“Do you want to fight the S.T.A.R. again?” i asked.

“Yeah, i need to revenge my death, this time, it will be brutal only if you join me and also bless me with your powers” she mumbled.

“Hmmm” i started contemplating whether to join or not.

“Common, please” she pleaded.

“Ok fine i’m in” i replied.

“Yeah, that’s my baby, we’re gonna make sure none of them survive it.” Eunice yelled happily.
This is the end of season 1

#Season_2 Is loading, in days

I Guess you don’t wanna miss the fight between the S.T.A.R Vs Eunice and Sofia.

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