THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 5 & 6☀

Episodes of mystery stories

Written By: Author Kelvin

Raymond’s pov:
“What the fu+k” i fumed angrily after doing it the second time and the magic did not work.

“Raymond, Cool your mind and concentrate, what Magic needs is focus and Concentration” Alex scrutinized.

“To hell with the magic, i’m not participating anymore” i flared.

“What?? Raymond, are you insane, you expect us to continue to protect you when you ain’t interested in the magic” Syvester yelled fiegning annoyance.

What do you take us for?? A fool??” Taylor said in an angry tone.

“Do you want to force me?? I’m not doing anymore, period!!!” i snapped in.

“Everyone, please calm down.

Raymond, the magic is for your own good, you don’t expect us to keep protecting you when we are all destined with magic.

And there’s no way you can save yourself when you don’t know how to use your magic.

So please, just try one more time and if you don’t get it, then fine, we won’t disturb you anymore.

“Ok fine, fine, but promise me you won’t keep persuading me when i’ve tried this one more time” i whimpered.

“Promise” they all chorused as i stretched out my hand, close my eyes and didn’t bother to concentrate.

I Waited till i’m sure it’s over five minutes before realeasing my hands and also opened my eyes.

“Oh Shît” Alex cursed under his breath making me chuckled.

“I Told you it’s not gonna work but you kept on persuading me” I Muttered in satisfaction that i’m finally free.

Mrs. Evelyn’s pov:
We cried very hard as we hanged the picture of the S.T.A.R Under the world: Lost.

It really pained me that i haven’t set my eyes on Alex for close to two days now.

“If only i could bring him back from where he is risiding right now, i would have been happy” i whimpered as hot tears poured down my cheeks as i began to sniff.

“The worst part of it is that we don’t know whether they are dead or alive” Mrs. Angela whimpered as she hugged me tightly and began to pour out her tears on my shoulder.

“Sorry miss, but i assure you that they’re fine” the principal cooed making me more angry.

“Do you take us as a fool or what??

The S.T.A.R Have been missing for close to two day now and you haven’t stop speaking those your arabic worlds that they’re save,

If they’re save, why haven’t they returned since two days now.” I Flared.

“Just go, your present is no longer needed here.

Because i don’t want you to see the other part of me” Mrs. Angela warned as the principal left immediately.

“It’s Okay, please cool down” i cooed.

Taylor’s pov:
In my mind now, all i could see is happiness.

The joy i felt seeing that i could control powers was uncountable.

“I Give up” Raymond snapped in.

“No one’s gonna force you, it’s your choice to learn or rather be like that” i half yelled at him.

“I Think we should start going, maybe we might see another set of food for tommorow” Syvester said with smirk.

“Gosh!!! Why do you like food so much? You didn’t even mention whether we are gonna come out of this bush as soon as possible” Alex shuttered.

“How do you expect us to come out as soon as possibe when we haven’t spotted the white robe?” Syverster chipped in with a scoff.

“Why i’m i even confronting you?

A Mad person must always be mad person

A Foodie must always be a foodie” Alex said making me burst out laughing.

“Guys, let’s move” Syvester half yelled.

“Stop getting angry bro he didn’t mean t…” before i could complete my statement Syvester landed a hot resounding slap on my face as i found myself using my palm to rub my cheeks.

☀Episode 6☀

“You slapped me?” i whimpered angrily.

“And i will slap you again if you made mention of my name” Syvestes yelled.

With the anger in me, i released a punch on his face as Raymond Held me trying to pull me away from him.

“Just leave me let me deal with thick fo+l” i yelled trying to free myself from his grip.

“Do you guys really want to fight??” Alex asked folding his hands.

“Yes..” i and Syvester replied.

“Oh, then use your power” Alex commanded as i shifted backwards.

“You really want it the hard way, huh?” i gritted in anger as i stretched out of my hands and fists of water appeared.

I Pushed my hands forcefully as the water forcefully pushed Syvester as he landed on the wood making him winced in pain.

He got up as he stretched his hand while a stone moved and landed on my body.

“Argh!!!!” i cried out as the pain ravaged all over my body.

With the anger in me, i managed to got up as i stretched my hand towards him and the water turned into a knife as it started piercing into Syvester’s elbow.

“Argh!!!” he cried out as he tried to pull it but the power was unwithstanding.

“Please, release it, i give up” Syvester whimpered in pain.

“Are you sure?” i asked already smiling.

“Yes!!! Yes!! Please!! Release me” Sylvester pleaded as he strangled with the knife.

“Okay” i replied and drop my hands as the knife disappeared.

“Oops” Sylvester grunted and started cleaning the blood on his elbow.

“Now we have the boss already” Alex chipped in and raised up my hands.

“Never messes with the boss” i snapped in while Sylvester got up.

“Guys, we need to get going” Raymond muttered.

“Yeah, let’s get going” Alex said as we heard a lion roared making me flinched back.

“Isin’t that a lion?, if i’m not mistaken?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah, it’s a lion!!!” Sylvester shuttered as the lion came to our view.

“Time to show my powers” Alex said and walked to our front while the lion started to run to our direction.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Alex stretched out his hands as fire from nowhere, came burning the lion instantly.

“Wow, i wish i have these kind of powers” Raymond complimended.

Shortly, Horricane started blowing to our direction as earthquates followed immediately making trees fall inside the ground

“Run!!!” Alex comanded as we began to run but it seems the Horricane was after us.

“I Think i can do this, i can!!! I can” i thought in my head facing the horricane coming to my direction.

I Stretched out my hands, closed my eyes and focused.

Within a jiffy, the opened my eyes as i spotted a lot of winds from nowhere, came as she blewed the horricane away making it desolved.

“Oh my God!!!”
Finally Finally.


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