THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 7 & 8☀

Episodes of mystery stories


Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Alex’s pov:
“Yes!!! You did it” I muttered happily and hugged Raymond.

“I Knew you’re gonna do, thanks anyway for saving us” Syvester thanked and also hugged us.

“My prophesy has come true” Taylor chipped in as he ran to us and we did a group hug.

“Okay, Okay, now that we have all discovered our magical powers, how do we get back to the city?” Raymond asked as we designated From the hug.

“Alex, you’re our only hope, do magicians disappear?” Taylor asked staring at me.

“Yes, from what i’ve read so far, magicians do disappear, but i can’t remember how the do it” i rasped as i tried to remember the way they do it.

“But if we want the four of us to disappear together, we’ll denifinitly need a Tristain” i added.

“What’s Tristain?” Syvester asked in a confused look.

“A Tristain as a metal that control the four elements and only the leader of your gangs can hold it.

For example, the leader of the four of us has the rights to control it.

The Trastain blinks rapidly when there is danger ahead” i explained.

“Wow, so how do we get this Tristain of a thing?” Taylor asked with keen interest.

“A old magicians with be the one to give us” i muttered.

“How do we get to see this old magician?” Sylvester asked further.

“According to all the magic books that i’ve read, an Old Magician is always located in forest like this” I shrugged.

“Hmmm, this is real task” Raymond sighed.

“Not really, the Old Magician will locate us as far as we have a leader.

So now, we need to look for a sutuiable leader among us.” i srutinized with a chuckle.

“So, who do you suggest to be our leader??” i asked starring at the three of them.

“You??” the three of them pointed out almost at the same time.

“Me?? Why me??” i asked in a confused look.

“You know magic more than us” Sylvester mumbled with a smile making me chuckled.

“You’re more brilliant than us” Raymond added with a scoff.

“But..” i couldn’t complete my statement when Sylvester interupted me.

“No but!!!! You’re our leader and that’s final, period” Sylvester said leaving me stunned.

“Common guys, let’s get going, it’s getting dark already” Raymond muttered as we began to walk to any destination.
“Guys, i can’t work anymore, i’m tired and tasty, perhaps it’s dark already” Syvester shuttered as he sat on the floor tiredly.

“Taylor, i think your need to provide for us, Some water to kill our thirsty” Raymond muttered tiredly.

“Okay. No problem” Taylor said and stretched out his hands and water began to come outside.

everyone of us drank to our satisfaction before the water finally stopped.

“Why didn’t you drink any water?” Raymond asked ficing Taylor.

“I’m not thirsty” he replied.

“Why?? After walking under this hot scorching sun??” Raymond asked biwildered.

“Leave him alone, Water benders don’t get thirsty” i cutted in.

“Hmmm, this is very wierd, goodnight guys” Sylvester baded and rested his back in front of the wood before closing his eyes.

“Yeah, Goodnight, guys” Taylor added as he closed his eyes.

“Good night guys” Raymond said and closed his eyes.

“Goodnight” i muttered and closed my eyes before difting to sleep.

☀Episode 8☀


Taylor’s pov:
The sound of a running horse was heard jotting me off my sleep.

“Guys, Wake up” i tried to woke them up as Alex opened his eyes trying to Clear up his sleeping eyes.

“What’s that??” Sylvester muttered as he got off the ground.

“There’s an incoming horse on the way” I shrugged.

“And how’s that our business?” Raymond flared up.

“Who knows whether someone is controlling the horse?” i muttered in excitment.

“Like seriously?? Taylor, you think foolishly, how do you expect someone to ride a horse in this kind of forest?, isin’t that low mentality??” Alex shuttered angrily.

“Well, just wait and see” i muttered as i fold my arms waiting patiently for the horse to pass so i can clear their doubt that i ain’t foolish.

Shortly, There horse ran past us without anyone controlling them leaving me stunned.

“What the fu*k” Sylvester muttered as the rest of them burst out laughing.

“You see, i don’t have time for your childs play this early morning.

For now, we need to get going, because we might be fortunate to see The Old Magicians anywhere around in the forest and that’s the only hope that we have now” Alex rasped as he helped Raymond got up the ground.

“Oh my God! I’m tasty already” Syvester muttered holding his tummy…

“Now i know that you’re more stupid” Alex cursed.
Alex’s pov:
“Gosh, we’ve been walking for long and haven’t came across a single soul, not to talk about a old woman who controls magic, are you sure about what you’re saying??” Syvester asked worridly.

“Hmmmm. Magic books don’t lie. Don’t worry, we surely find her” Alex assured.

“Are you sure?” Sylvester asked.

“Yeah, sure, i promis you guys that she might appear any moments from..” i didn’t completed my statement when someone appeared to us interupted me of my worlds making us flinched in fear.

“Who are you?” Raymond.

“I Was sent from the Magic Godess to give this to Alex” she introduced and handed a Tristain.

“Thanks” i muttered and collected it.

“This is a Tristain, make use of it” she said and disappeared.

As she left, i quickly draw a circle and diived it into four places.

I Wrote, fire in the first box, water in the second, earth in the third and air in the fourth.

“Everyone, enter the box according to your elements” i commanded as everyone stood on top of where their elements are located before i placed the Tristain in the centre of the circle.

You might be wondering how i did it – i have read alot of magic books so i know how it’s done.

We head eachother hands and also closed our eyes.

“Repeat after me, “Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Elements that we all share” i instructed.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Elements that we all share” We chorused as i something like lightening struck.

I Discovered that we were no longer in the Redwnd forest but in the city of CALIFORNIA…
Finally Finally.
Guys, this is just the begining of the magicians.



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