THE MAGICIANS✊ (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) ☀Episode 9 & 10☀

Episodes of mystery stories


Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Alex’s pov:
“Oh my God!!!” i exclaimed as i glared around discovering the we are in the centre of the school field.

“Wow, i’m i actually dreaming?” Sylvester muttered in happiness as i picked the Tristain on the floor.

“Oh, i can’t wait to see my family” Taylor said and jumped up happily.

I Looked around as i discovered that Raymond was not in our midst.

“Guys, where’s Raymond” i asked already looking For him.

“I Haven’t set my eyes on him since we appeared here, where’s he?” Taylor asked as he walked to and fro, looking for Raymond.

“Are you sure, Raymond came here with us or is still in the the forest?” Sylvester asked in a confused.

Alex looked at the Tristain and saw that Raymond’s side of the elements was blank.

“Noo!!!” I cried out and fell on the floor as Tears began to flow from my eyes.

“What?? What happened?? Why are you suddenly crying” Taylor asked with Keen interest.

“Raymond is still in the Redwood Forest” i muttered in between tears.


Raymond’s pov:
The lightening struck as i looked around And discovered that i was still in the forest making me flinched in fear.

The most shocking part is that None of my friends are here.

“Where could they have been?” i asked no one in particular as i searched the environment.

“Alex” i called but no reply..

“Sylvester” i called but no reply..

“Taylor” i called but i didn’t heard any sound, only the Chirpping of the bird could be heard.

“Is it possible, they they’ve gone to the city without me?” i thought in my head as i walked lonely on the bush path.

“No, No, they can’t leave without me” i rasped in my head.

“Or was it because i loosed concentration while the incanation was going on?? Did the Tristain reject me?” i whimpered as hot tears rolled down my cheecks.

“Oh God, how do i survive here lonely, without anyone to talk to and no food or water” i thought in my head as i cleaned the tears on my face.

I Worked for a short time thinking about how i’m gonna cope here.

At that moment, i thought my life was a waste and there’s nothing i could be able to achive.

It was barely thirty minutes i’ve sitting down here, and my eyes are already going dizzy and sleeply when i heard a sound of a running horse from afar as i quickly jerked up my feet, waiting patiently for the horse to pass.

“Who knows whether someone might be riding the horse” i rasped in my mind as i folded my folded my arms.

Shortly, an horse ran slowly passin me as i discovered that someone like a hero was riding the horse.

“Holly!!! Molly!!!” i exclaimed as i ran hastily towards the horse.

Alex’s pov:
“Anyways, Destiny can never be denied, it must surely come to pass” i muttered as i stood up from the ground.

“Wait?? Ain’t you guys the one who gost lost in the Redwood Forest?” A Girl said as he approached us with two of her other friends.

“Yeah, we’re the one” Sylvester replied them.

“What?? Ghost!!! Ghost!!!” the girl yelled and run off.

“Common guys, it’s almost late already, let’s go” i muttered as i placed the Tristan inside my pocket and we walked out of the school compound.

As we walked inside the compound, girls and boys started running helter skelter shouting “ghosts” making me chuckled.

After what seems like eternity, We finally came out of the school compound.

“Guys, see you in school tommorow” Sylester muttered and took the other road leading to his house.

“Bye guys” Taylor baded

“Yeah, see you guys in school tommorow.

☀Episode 10☀

Evelyn’s pov:
I Placed the food on the dinning table as My husband, My daughter and i get ready to eat.

An emply chair was placed in the left side of the table.

“If only my Sylvester was here, the family would have been complete” i thought in my head as i got ready to eat when i heard a knock on the door.

“Who’s there??” i inquired.

“It’s me, your son Sylvester” he chipped as i felt my body shivered as i held his voice.

Before the count of three, i rushed to the door and opened it completely, reavealing Sylvester and his pale face.

“Oh my God!!, Sylvester” i beamed and hugged him as the rest of the family joined us as we did a group hug.

“Where have you been??

How did you cope?!

Did anyone died??

I Need Explanation, now” i asked, bothered.

“Mum, i’ll give you explanation later, but for now, my stomach is empty, i need to eat now” Sylvester said and rushed to the Dinning.

He brought out many crambled egges and began to munched on it making me chuckled.

“I’ve really missed you Bro” Anika, her sisters said patting his back.

“This calls for celebration” my husband Scrutinized and brought out a bottle of shamphange.

I Dialed Angela’s number, he ranged three times before she picked up.

“Hey sis,”

“Hey Evelyn, i’m so happy, Sylvester iowhere my heart is filled with joy at this moment” she muttered, happily.

“Also mine, Sylvester just returned ” i said happily.

“Ok, see you later, bye” she baded.

“Yeah” i chipped in as i hanged the call and faced Sylvester.

“Are you filled or you need more?” i asked gazing at Sylvester.

“I’m filled already, thanks for the meal mum, it was delicious as ever” ie complimented as a smile crept on my face.

“You are welcome, now tell me more about what happened thay the four of you got lost?” I Asked with keen interest as i placed my palms in my jaw.

“The Red..
Narration continues…
that was what happened.” Sylvester narrated.

“Hmmm, this is unbelievable, so now, where’s Raymond?” i asked narrowing my brows.

“I Don’t really know, but i’m sure we’re going to sort out things with Alex tommorow at school” he snapped in.

“Alright, but you’re quitting that school” i shrieked.

“Why Mum?? That’s not going to work!!” Sylvester mumbled with a confused look.

“Your principal lied to me that he saw the four of you after the excursion” i fumed in anger.

“Like seriously??” Sylvester muttered and burst out laughing.

“But that dosen’t give you the priveldge to stop me from the school” Sylvester almost yelled up.

“Ok fine, i give up, you can continue” i gave up as Sylvester gave me an heartwarming hug.
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“Do you know what??” Slyvester chipped in.

“What??” i asked as Sylvester brought his mouth to my ear then whisper to my ear:

“You’re the best mum so far” he whispered making me chuckled.

Raymond’s pov:
“Who are you??” the man spoke acting cold.

“My name is: Raymond Harrison, i got lost inside this wood forest” i introduced as the man raised up his head.

“What can i do for you?” he asked starring at me.

“I Need to go back to my city, California” i pleaded.

“No problem, just come closer” he ordered as i walked slowly to him.

As i got closer to him, he placed his hands on me as we dissapeared immediately and appeared on my street.

“Thank you” i managed to force the word out of my mouth as he dissapeared immediately without answering me making me chuckled.

With the joy in me, i ran fastly to our house and entered our compound as i spotted our dog.

I Walked up to the dog and said: “Hi bingo” but instead of the dog to shake his tail, he barked and ran off making me stunned.

“This is wield, the dog i know always toil around me whenever i’m back from anywhere” i rasped in my head.

“Anyways, let me go and meet my family” i said and walked up to the gate as i realised it was locked.

I Knocked on the door continiously as i heard my mum’s voice.

“Coming” she yelled from inside..

Shortly, the door burst open revealing my mum.

“Hey mum” i called with a smile.

“Who are you?” she dropped the bombshell as i felt my heart tearing into pieces.

My mum is asking me “Who are you?”
Raymond, e shock you?

Next episode go shock you oh, you won’t believe what happened in school.


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