Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Last blood


The last bloodWritten by Bright Daniel:Eastwood is a movie academy that has several talented students who are still learning on how to act. It is a three storey building -the first floor is for beginners known as grade1 students while the second floor for grade2 and the third for grade3 which is the final grade. […]

Her family shame

Her family shame completed 1( a true story)

💫✨💥 Her family shame       Her family shame This story was told by a woman it happened to. . Everything I will write in this story is 💯 % reality. The only difference is that I will tell it as a story and use different names for the people involved. ******************** Her family […]

Got action novels

The Red Vulture complete

;   Titled👇🏽 THE RED VULTURE . Episode 1 . An Epic Story Written By Chichi Tonia . . . Once upon a time, there was a village named Ejime, Ejime is the land of fertile and also is the largest among the other village. But one thing about them was that they forbid stranger […]

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